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The Acıbadem University School of Medicine was established in 2007 and accepted its first students into the academic year starting in 2009 following a two year period where the curriculum was devised.

The school was initially established on a modest campus located in Maltepe. In 2013, it moved to the purpose-built Kerem Aydınlar Campus, one of the most developed science campuses in Turkey. The campus features a Center of Advanced Simulation and Education (CASE) while practical applications take place at Acıbadem Atakent and Acıbadem Maslak Education and Research Hospitals and the Education Research Regions whose affiliation with the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) is complete.

Education at the School of Medicine is in English and our education program features three phases. Phase I is integrated Basic and Clinical Sciences, Phase II is Clinical Clerkships and Phase III is Internships.Our education is based on an integrated curriculum.

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