ACU Volunteers aims to create a bridge between NGO's and students, to touch more people's lives and to strengthen the social responsibility aspect of our school. We have aimed to be hope for many children, patients, the elderly and everyone who needs us and we continue to work on this path. We look forward to seeing you as a member of our family.

Acıbadem University Astronomy Club is a student club created by students who are interested in astronomy to increase our knowledge about space and space sciences, to make observations, to share the current information we have learned about astronomical research, to engage in social activities and to meet other astronomy enthusiasts.

As Acıbadem University Bioethics Club, our aim is to; To be aware of the problems encountered in human life and professional life; to be able to produce value-based and principles-based solutions about the attitudes and behaviors to be adopted, to produce ideas for resolving value conflicts that arise in the application of science and technology; In the process of personal and professional development, as virtuous people who are sensitive to the problems in the universe and life, to put forward solutions, in social issues, in a work of literature or art, in a discussion area, enriched by health, social and natural sciences, pluralistic, different from each other. is to create a learning and cooperative production environment.

As Acıbadem University Dance Club, we have more than 500 members every year; we provide free training, starting from the basic level, with our expert instructors in sportive latin, salsa, bachata, tango and hippo branches. You can take dance education at basic levels, or you can join our courses to perform at different events within our university and at inter-university dance festivals. We look forward to seeing you among us.

As The Acıbadem University Debate Club, while improving ourselves with the lessons we give and the debate matches we organize about law, women’s rights, economy and more, we also socialize and enjoy ourselves at the events and tournaments at universities all over Turkey.

Acıbadem University Drama Club is a club that organizes many cultural and artistic organizations throughout the year and aims to have club members take part in every stage of these organizations. In addition, the club organizes many workshops and trainings that will contribute to the development of the artistic perspective of its members, and it produces and stages a theater play every academic year. Being one of the oldest student clubs that has existed since the foundation of the university, it has participated in many international festivals and received awards in competitions with 5 plays they have put on the stage in 6 years.

Acıbadem University EMSA is the university branch of EMSA, the largest medical student union representing medical students in the European geography. In addition to increasing the quality of medical education with its projects, making students stronger in medical science is among its primary goals. The club is a medical student community that focuses on medical ethics and raises the awareness of the society on social, political and cultural issues, as well as facilitates student exchanges, free flow of information and sharing of experiences, increasing European integration and doing all these by working with official institutions in Europe. EMSA's mission is; to create a bond between all medical students in Europe in order to carry the highest standards of medical education in Europe and to help create better quality health opportunities in Europe, to benefit medical students and the society by carrying out trainings, activities and projects related to health issues in the entire European geography, to facilitate intercultural solidarity by organizing cultural and social activities, to become professional in the field of medicine by working with other medical student societies and authorities in Europe.

Acıbadem University Engineering Club is a community of future engineers who design, imagine, test and develop and most importantly are always open to research and see engineering as a part of their life. The aim of the club is to participate in summits, seminars, conferences, fairs and project competitions organized in our country and around the world, and to carry out these events at the university.

Acıbadem University Forensic Medicine and Criminology Club was established to bring together students interested in forensic medicine and criminology and to organize activities in this field. Interviews on criminology, forensic medicine training seminars and studies on violence and types of violence are carried out within the club. The club also supports students who want to carry out scientific research activities in the field of forensic medicine. The club carries out its activities under the guidance of advisor academicians and in cooperation with stakeholder associations. The club is open to the participation of all Acıbadem University students and new ideas from the participants of the events to be held.

Acıbadem Maritime and Sailing Club aims to introduce university students to sailing sport, to provide basic and advanced sailing training, to instill maritime culture to its members, to train pioneering, innovative and successful athletes who adhere to universal ethical values. It aims to participate in sailing races to represent our university with the athletes it has trained, and to make the logo of our university fluctuate in the seas by achieving success. We love the sea, wind and sailing that combines all these. We have no doubt that you will enjoy it, too. We welcome everyone to our club.

Acıbadem University MEDAK (ACUMEDAK) has been actively carrying out medical-based social responsibility projects in the field since 2014. The team, which consists of only volunteer medical and health sciences students, works with groups that are defined as vulnerable groups in Turkey and in the world, and whose access to the right to health is in distress.

Basically, its purpose is; to increase the quality of life of these groups and to provide data and examples for future intervention projects by using methods that can be permanent, scientifically valid and capable. In line with this purpose, it continues its works at home and abroad. ACUMEDAK carries out its work together with the Medical Search and Rescue Association (MEDAK).

Acibadem University Model United Nations Club ACUMUN is a non-profit student society which aims to provide students with a detailed presentation on international politics and diplomacy. Our club only provides students or participants with a chance to develop and practice their debating and public speaking skills. Besides, it gives the opportunity to look at world politics with a sincere perspective and to give its participants their own opinion, perspective and even create a space where they can develop their interests and knowledge.

Acıbadem University Nutrition and Dietetics Club was established in 2016. The main goal of our club is to raise awareness about nutrition in all segments of the society, especially our university, and to represent our university, which is thematic in the field of health, in the best way. The main purpose of our club is to help students evaluate their time outside of class more efficiently and pleasantly with the activities it will organize on the basis of nutrition. In line with these aims, studies are carried out to increase the awareness of nutrition in the society. We organize events, conferences and seminars on nutrition on important days and weeks. In addition to these, we organize educational workshops such as movie screenings about healthy living, games, trips to increase physical activity, activities and cooking techniques.

Taking photos is reflecting what you feel at that moment from your perspective. Our aim in this club is not to take pictures, but to make you feel those feelings. If you want to feel wht the photo reflects, we will be happy to see you among us.

Acıbadem University Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Club was established in order to enable all students from freshman to senior year to come together with experts in their fields, to increase their knowledge about various fields in physiotherapy and to engage in various social activities.

Acıbadem University Thought Club is a club that hosts experts in the fields of science, philosophy, religion, history, culture and art and organizes events that appeal to everyone through discussion and information sharing.

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