The Healthcare Center provides outpatient services and refers patients to the Acıbadem Healthcare Group for advanced examinations and treatments where necessary.

The center is open during the week between business hours.

Psychological Counseling

Students are also provided with Psychological support when necessary. The Psychology consultant visits the campus on certain days of the week. This means it is necessary to make an appointment prior to being seen.

Student Relatives Identification System

The Student Relatives Identification System enables Acıbadem University students and their close relatives to benefit from discounted services offered by the hospitals and outpatient centers of Acıbadem Healthcare Group. Students are required to fill in a form located on BADEMNET to identify themselves and their relatives in order to be able to benefit from this service. Once identified, students and their relatives are able to benefit from the same discount rate which is applicable to the personnel of Acıbadem Healthcare Group. The discount rate is subject to change depending on the type of service required.

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