Announcement for ACIBADEM MEHMET ALİ AYDINLAR UNIVERSITY 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall Semester Continuing Students

Dear Parents / Students,

Education and training fee payment deadlines are determined and announced in the academic calendar. You should carefully follow the announcements explaining the fees you have to pay, the payment dates, the rules about course registration and the application steps.

You can pay your education and training fee by using Advance Payment, e-Payment and Installment Credit Payment Methods.

If the education and training fee is not paid, your registration will not be made in accordance with the 1st and 2nd Clause of Article 7 of our University's Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations, the 3rd and 17th Articles of the Medical Faculty Education and Examination Directive.

In order to be able to register for your courses at the beginning of each semester, you must also pay the tuition fee for that semester. Tuition fees will be paid to Garanti Bank.

The student's T.R. Identity Number and Name Surname information should be written. The tuition fee covers the fall and spring semesters of an academic year and is paid in two equal amounts at the beginning of the semester. All our students can make their payments before the collection date.

Students studying in English preparatory programs are charged the tuition fee of the undergraduate program they are enrolled in.

Students who want to study in the optional preparatory program are charged the fee determined for the optional preparatory class.

Fees are re-determined for each academic year.

For students enrolled in the academic years following the year of university entrance, possible increases in the annual tuition fee (CPI+PPI)/2 are taken into account. Education and training fees are paid including VAT.

A. Advance Payment Methods

I. Cash Payment from the Bank Branch

You can pay the tuition fee in cash, from any Garanti Bank branch, T.C. by giving the student's T.R. ID number to the bank officer.

II. Online Transfer / Advance Payment by EFT

You can make your money transfer via internet banking without going to the branch, using the Payment/Institution/University links on the Garanti Bank website. The student's T.R. Identity Number and Name Surname information should be mentioned on payment receipt comments.

Account Name (Recipient): Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University

Bank : Garanti Bank

Branch : Kozyatağı Corporate (383)

TL Account: Hesap No: 6295533 / IBAN No: TR77 0006 2000 3830 0006 2955 33

Euro Account: Hesap No: 9094467 / IBAN No: TR07 0006 2000 3830 0009 0944 67

Dollar Account:Hesap No: 9094507 / IBAN No: TR91 0006 2000 3830 0009 0945 07

EFT transactions can be made between 9:00 and 16:00 on weekdays. EFT transactions are not performed on weekends.

B. e-Payment (Credit Card - Virtual Pos)

Single payment can be made with all debit and credit cards at

Maximum, Bonus, World and Axess credit cards are offered in 3, 6 and 9 installments with interest. In this application, installments are offered by taking an additional commission to the cash fees. To be able to pay by e-payment method;

  • Enter the T.R. Identity Number field and the Date of Birth field, click ENTER,
  • Click MAKE PAYMENT to pay the debt that appears on the screen,
  • Fill in your Credit Card Information; Card Holder's Name and Surname, Credit card number, Expiry date, CVC no (security code on the back of the card)
  • From the installment option, choose one of the options in cash, 3 installments, 6 installments and 9 installments,
  • Check the boxes of the Use 3D Secure and I have read and accepted the Service Agreement fields,
  • The amount to be paid must be entered, (In Installment Transactions, the amount to be paid with interest is displayed)
  • Enter the SECURITY password sent by the bank, click OK and the process must be completed.

Interest is applied in installment transactions. Banks' extra installment opportunities and interest rates are variable. Banks have the right to periodically increase or decrease extra installment opportunities and interest rates.

Banks provide extra installment opportunities on collection and course registration dates.

Installment opportunities vary according to the special status of the cards, and banks don’t offer extra installments for commercial cards. You can get detailed information by calling the Financial Affairs unit of our university in case installment transactions fail or to get information about the interest rates.

Note: Bonus flexi, Bonus Genç and Easy Card for Bonus Cards are not included in the campaign. For Flexi Cards to participate in the campaign, action must be taken after typing EVET ACIBADEM, leaving a space and sending the last six digits of the card to 3340 as an SMS.

Not: Bonus Kartlar için Bonus flexi, Bonus Genç ve Easy Card kampanyaya dahil değildir. Flexi Kart’ların kampanyaya katılımı için EVET ACIBADEM yazıp bir boşluk bırakıp kartın son altı hanesini 3340‘a SMS gönderdikten sonra işlem yapılması gereklidir.

Among Maximum Cards, Company Credit Card, Vadematik, Maximum No Fees Card and İş'te Üniversiteli No Fees Credit Card are not included in the campaign.

C. Payment Methods in Installments

I. Installment Payment Method by Opening an Overdraft Account at Garanti BBVA

In this method, the installments of the semester tuition fee are deposited to the account opened until the installment date at the latest. In case the tuition fees are not paid by the installment date, Garanti BBVA activates the Overdraft Account (credit limit) and debits the account holder and completes the payments.

In case of late payment of the tuition fee using Installment and Credit Payment Methods, the default interest is charged daily, including holidays, based on the interest rates of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) in TL.

Parents who want to pay the tuition fee using the OA method must open a "Private School Overdraft Account" at Garanti BBVA before applying for registration.

In this application, an additional commission of 10% is added to the cash fees, and 5 installments are offered for the 2021-2022 fall and spring tuition fees, which are listed in the following due dates table.

1st Installment 30.09.2021                   1st Installment 16.02.2022
2nd Installment 16.10.2021                   2nd Installment 16.03.2022
3rd Installment 16.11.2021                   3rd Installment 16.04.2022
4th Installment 16.12.2021                   4th Installment 17.05.2022
5th Installment 18.01.2022                   5th Installment 16.06.2022

OA Steps:

The OA process consists of 3 stages:

a) Obtaining a Payment Plan from the University

Before applying to Garanti BBVA Branch, you must obtain a payment plan from the University. For this; application request for OA account should be made to e-mail address. After your request, the OA application form will be approved by the Financial Affairs unit and sent to you and the relevant branch as an e-mail.

b) Application to Garanti BBVA Branch

You need to apply to the Customer Advisor at any Garanti BBVA branch and state that you want to pay the Acıbadem University fees in installments, to open an account in your name with an institution code of 246 "Okulum Garanti’de". In order to make a " Okulum Garanti’de Agreement" and to benefit from the installment application, you must fill in the contract, usage information form and letter of consent given by the bank, and your application must be approved by the bank.

Documents to be Requested at Garanti BBVA Branch

The following documents must be submitted and signed at the branches where an account will be opened:

  • Identity Card
  • Certificate of residence
  • SGK service breakdown if the working status is "paid private"
  • If considered necessary, a document showing the income status;
  • For wage earners; last month's payslip approved by the workplace,
  • For Self Employed; Tax plate, trade registry document/if you have declared income other than your fee, documents showing this income.

If your installment payment application is approved by the bank; The relevant branch defines the Private School Overdraft Account Limit (credit limit) up to the maximum tuition fee for the account you have opened.

Partially approved overdraft transactions must be notified to the Financial Affairs unit by the parent/student. The installments of the semester tuition fee created on behalf of the student in the system must be deposited to the "Okulum Garanti" account until the installment date at the latest.

Default interest will be accrued by Garanti BBVA for the installments that are not deposited to the specified account in due time.

c) Sending OA Account Approvals by e-mail

The approved form of students whose OA accounts are approved by the bank should be sent to via e-mail. In order for the approved OA transaction form to be completed quickly, it is beneficial for the student to remind the relevant branch officials to make this submission.

II. Garanti BBVA Online Education Loan

If you have an account at Garanti BBVA, you can apply for an Online Education Loan at in cooperation with our University and Garanti BBVA.

The maximum loan amount that can be used is 75,000 TL. Loan term can be chosen up to 36 months. To apply for an Online Education Loan:

  • Enter the T.R. Identity Number field and the Date of Birth field, click ENTER,
  • Select the "Pay with Online Education Credit" field,
  • Check the amount you will pay,
  • Enter the Name-Surname information of the borrower,
  • Check the service agreement and student information and click the boxes.

At this point, you will be directed to the Garanti BBVA internet banking system and complete the loan application.

  • In case the loan application result is positive, the loan documents are approved via Garanti BBVA Internet/Mobile and the loan amount is transferred to the account.
  • If you approve the payment, the loan amount is transferred to be used in the registration fee payment of Acıbadem University.
  • You can view the payment receipt.

Garanti BBVA Support Contact information

  • Gamze Uzlu /+902165704129/
  • Melisa Durmaz /+902165704116/
  • Cengiz Akdeniz /+902165704101/
  • Neşe Arık /+90216 570 41 15 / NeseArı

Department of Financial Affairs

Financial Affairs Department Tel: 0 216 500 4445 - 4446 – 4447 – 4448 ;  

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