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Research Projects Office

The main mission of the Research Projects Office is to raise awareness of our researchers and stakeholders about support mechanisms and research opportunities, to support and develop policies in the field of intellectual and industrial property rights, technology transfer and incorporation. In order to ensure maximum benefit from national and international support funds of our university; The Department provides services during application and management of research projects and provides support in all procedures before and after the application. It acts as a bridge in the development of new joint projects with the private sector and in establishing long-term collaborations. It is ensured that the research results obtained within the university are integrated into the industry.

For further information

Eda Tanoglu Head of Research Projects Office +90(216) 500 4476
Neslihan Yilmaz Entrepreneurship Expert +90 (216) 500 4471
Seyma Nur Yavuz Accounting Specialist +90 (216)) 500 4477
Erdi Dirilen Business Development Specialist +90 (216) 500 4478
Nurgul Corduk Accounting Specialist +90 (216) 500 4470
Hulya Benli Research Projects Specialist
(ABAPKO and Scholarship Processes)
+90 (216) 500 4472
Yusra Yuksel Specialist (ABAPKO, AFDK, TUSEB and
Scholarship Processes)
+90 (216) 500 4473
Kutalp Kurt Design And Prototyping Specialist +90 (216) 500 4474
Cansu Akin Levi Project Development Expert +90 (216) 500 4475
Hazal Cetin Patent Expert