The deposit refund process for the students, who check-out of the student dormitory permanently, starts after the inspection of the room once the student vacates the room and turns in the key. At this stage, the student must have filled-out the deposit refund form which can be found at the reception or the form below and sent it, e-mail address of student dormitories, or must have turned in to the reception in person. Refund to the bank account is made, within the next 30 days of the check-out.

Students staying at the dormitories are responsible for all the items and goods which were provided to them by dormitory management. Students are obligated to turn in all these items and goods back to dormitory management completely and damage-free.

The cost of a damage caused in the student dormitory is compensated by the liable party after the amount is calculated on the date of payment. This payment is deducted from the deposit. As for the items damaged or lost in the common areas, if the liable party is not identified then the cost is charged to all residents who are commonly using that item or area.

Click here to download Deposit Refund Form

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