You can e-mail application form to Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University Student Dormitories’ mail address ( or bring in your application to Dormitory Management in person and do your pre-registration.

It is sufficient for students, who had previously stayed in our dormitory, to submit the application form and six of recent headshot photos to dormitory management. If the student’s address is different than the address stated in OSYM (University Qualification Exam in Turkey) registration form, than the new address information should be submitted to dormitory management along with the application form.

You are expected to complete all the documents for dormitory registration.

If you had stated that in your application, we will try to fulfill your request within possibilities and accommodation priorities.

Unless otherwise specified, the earliest check-in date for student dormitories is two (2) days prior to the beginning of the academic year as announced by the University. Check-in procedures arecarried-out during business hours.

Yes, there is, here they are:

  • Application form

  • Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University Kerem Aydinlar Student Dormitories Agreement signed by the student

  • Kerem Aydinlar Student Dormitories Accomodation amount receipt and the deposit receipt (Students’ names and TR ID Numbers should be entered to the payment receipt’s description sections)

  • Copy of identification,

  • Student Certificate,

  • Criminal Record and Archive Record Documents,

  • For foreign students: Copies of education permit document, passport, residence permit documents and foreign identification number,

  • Residence Certificate,

  • 6 photographs (Biometric photographs are not accepted)

  • Physician-approved medical report,

Students, who will check-in on the weekend, must have completed dormitory check-in procedures during the weekdays.

There is bed, undersheet, quilt, pillow, bed furnitures, wardrobe, desk and chair, refrigerator, armchair, hair dryer, kettle, microwave oven and desk lamp, in dormitory rooms. Students are free to bring in their own textile items, such as quilt, quilt cover and towel.

National Education Ministry’s Private Student Accommodation Services Regulations’ Clauses will be in-effect.

Deposit refund

Students, who complete dormitory check-out procedures and turn in their keys, must go to the dormitory management’s office to fill-out deposit refund form. If there is any damage caused to the room or to the items in the room by the student, the cost of the damage(s) is deducted from the student’s deposit and the rest is wire transferred to the bank account provided by the student; if there is no damage, then the whole deposit amount is wired to the student’s bank account.

Students, who check-out during mid-term, are not refunded any fee.

Moreover, the total amount of the fee he/she is required to pay for the whole education and training duration, is collected from the student as well.

In case of force majeure (commission report from state hospital, change of cit y, natural disasters etc.), situation is evaluated by the management and a decision is made.

Those who want to check-out during mid-term, can do so after a final inspection is conducted in their room. In order to be able to do that, the check-out should be on a weekday and during business hours. Yet, those who check-out after regular business hours, can lock their doors and leave the key at the reception. In such case, they are considered to have accepted the result of the inspection , in advance, which will be conducted later by the staff.

It is mandatory for the students to carry all their belongings out of the building when they check-out. Dormitory management and employees are not responsible for the items left in the unit’s common area or the luggage room.

Students, who do not make/complete their deposit payment, cannot register to the dormitory.

All students, who are staying at the dormitory or who are applying to stay at the dormitory, with or without scholarship, should pay deposit.

Students, who have applied at the dormitory for the following academic year, are not eligible for deposit refund. Students can only get deposit refund, if they are permanently checking-out of the dormitory, provided that they fill-out the deposit refund form; in that case, the deposit amount is wire transferred to the student’s bank account.

On the day of the check-out, student vacates the room and goes to the dormitory management’s office, signs the check-out form and turns in his/her key/card. In case any damage is reported in the room inspection, student is notified and the cost amount is deducted from his/her deposit.

If a student staying in the dormitory loses his/her key, the cost of the key is deducted from his/her deposit.

Students are not allowed to have visitors staying in their rooms.

Pets are not allowed in the dormitory.

Depending on the dormitory conditions and level of appropriateness, a change is possible within 15 days of check-in.

Students are allowed to watch TV and listen to music in their rooms, as long as the volume is not too high to disturb others.

You get luggage card from the dormitory management and can keep any of your personal belongings in the luggage room.

Students can lay rugs in their rooms if their roommates consent to that. When they check-out, student must remove the rug out of the room. The items left in the room by the students, who check-out of the dormitory, are discarded as trash.

Every room in the dormitory has a mini refrigerator.

Regarding students’ complaints, confidentiality is a must. The issues shared with dormitory management by the students are not relayed or mentioned to third parties other than the officials.

Students do not vacate their rooms for spring break. They may leave their belongings in their rooms, as long as they keep their rooms organized.

Dormitory management places those students, who receive dormitory stay grant by Kerem Aydinlar Foundation and Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University, into the rooms which are designated by the university. If a student, who has received dormitory accommodation grant, wishes to stay in a different type of room, he/she is required to pay 30% of that particular room’s price.

It is possible to have a more thorough cleaning in your room if you keep your desk organized and do not leave too many shoes, luggages or boxes on the floor or if you just move them to some other place for that day.

Rooms are cleaned by the staff in accordance with the schedule designated by the management. Students should leave their rooms available for the cleaning on the scheduled days. Rooms are cleaned only on the scheduled days and we do not have a practice of meeting extra cleaning requests.

Students must stay in the rooms, which are assigned for them by the dormitory management. They are not allowed to stay in another room for any reason without the knowledge of the dormitory management.

Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University’s students and other universities’ students may stay in the dormitory during summer holiday, provided that they would pay the fee determined by the dormitory management.

If a student had registered for the following year, he/she can leave his/her luggages in the luggage room when they check-out for the summer holiday.

You could go to the infirmary in Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University Kerem Aydinlar Campus, between 08:30-17:30.

Our technical team provides service for daily malfunction, repair and restoration issues inside the building. In regards to the damages that might occur in the units, students can call the reception and let them know.

The evaluation regarding the students, who disobey dormitory rules, is based on Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University Kerem Aydinlar Student Dormitories Directive and National Education Ministry’s Private Student Accommodation Services Regulations’ Clauses.

Students, who are expelled, cannot register to our dormitories again.

Dormitory fee can be paid in monthly installments via contractual banks.

Students, who are suspended from school, cannot stay in the dormitory during their suspension period.

If a student leaves the dormitory without completing check-out procedures, his/her personal items in the room are discarded as trash following the necessary warning, the cost of the key and the damage, if any, is deducted from his/her deposit.

You can get the package deliveries at the dormitory reception. Credit Card deliveries are not accepted due to security reasons.

You could contact that building’s dormitory official to solve your problems.

If the spare key is not returned to the dormitory reception, the cost is deducted from student’s deposit.

The detectors in dormitory rooms are fire sensor detectors. They send signal to the control center, first as silent then as sound alarm. If the resident of a room covers the fire detector with a material or removes it from its place, it is regarded as a safety-compromising act and a punitive action takes place.

The fire extinguishers on the floors contain dry chemical powder and the ones in the kitchens have carbon dioxide gas inside them. Misusing them is regarded as a safety-compromising act and a punitive action takes place.

There is hobby kitchen serving for common utilization. There is stove, toaster, oven, microwave oven, refrigerator, freezer, water heater and dishwasher in hobby kitchen. All other supplies are provided by the student. (Plate, fork, spoon, cooking pot, frying pan and etc.)

Students should clean all their dishes and/or place all their dishes in the dishwasher. Moreover, the responsibility of the left/forgotten articles belongs to the student. Tidiness of hobby kitchen, during and after using it, is students’s responsibility. Moreover, students are not allowed to take hobby kitchen equipments to their units/rooms.

Students are required to inform the dormitory management or get their permission for the days they would stay out of the dormitory.

Dormitory is open for entry and exit between 06:00-24:00 hours on the weekdays and 06:00-02:00 on the weekends.

There is unlimited wifi internet connection in the dormitories. The wifi service provided in the dormitories is for online study, not for games, music or movies.

Laundromat is open 24/7 for the students. The responsibility of the laundry left/forgotten in the laundromat belongs to the student; the laundry, which is not claimed for 7 (seven) days, is discarded as trash.

Electric blanket, heaters, iron, toaster, all kinds of electrical or gas cooking equipments, other electrical and gas equipments and other equipments are forbidden in the dormitories.

The features/facilities provided in the dormitories are:

Every room has:

  • Bed, pillow, quilt,

  • Wall-mounted reading lamp,

  • Wheeled office chair,

  • Roller blind and fabric curtain,

  • Wall-mounted cabinet and shelves,

  • General lighting fixtures,

  • Personal safe,

  • Air conditioner,

  • Smoke alarm.

In the units’ common areas:

  • Saloon with open kitchen

  • Mini refrigerator, microwave oven, kettle, hair dryer

  • Dinner table and chairs, armchair,

  • TV, house-phone

  • Flashlight, fire extinguisher,

  • Air conditioner,

  • Smoke alarm.

Opportunities provided to students in dormitories’ common areas are:

  • Central heating,

  • 24 hour hot water,

  • Hobby kitchen,

  • Security,

  • Multi-purpose saloons,

  • Separate prayer rooms for men and women,

  • Individual and group study rooms,

  • Breakfast on weekdays (5 days),

  • Water cooler at every floor,

  • Iron, washer and dryer.

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