Students are allowed to check-in to the dormitories after they turn in the required documents as well as Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University Kerem Aydinlar Student Dormitories Directive and Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University Kerem Aydinlar Student Dormitories Agreement.

Unless otherwise specified, the earliest check-in date for Student Dormitories is two (2) days prior to the beginning of the academic year as announced by the University. Student can check-in to the Dormitory during business hours (09:00-18:00) on previous Saturday or Sunday, if the academic year starts on Monday or Tuesday. Keys are not provided to family members on behalf the student, neither are they allowed to place any goods in the room.

Also, in case of insufficient documents, students are not provided a key.

Mid-term check-in

Mid-term check-ins are made on weekdays during business hours, between 09:00 ‒ 18:00.

Checking-out of Kerem Aydinlar Student Dormitories

Unless otherwise specified, check-out date for student dormitories is the next two (2) days following the final exams ending date announced by the university. (If a department’s/program’s final exam schedule differs from other departments/programs in an academic calendar, then the relevant students are allowed to stay longer.) Check-out procedures can be carried-out on weekdays during business hours, between 09:00 – 18:00. When a student is ready to check-out, he/she contacts the reception and have his/her room inspected, signs the deposit refund form, returns the key and checks-out. Yet, the students checking-out after business hours without getting their rooms inspected may lock their rooms and leave the keys at the reception. Students, who leave without having their rooms inspected, are considered to have accepted the outcome of the inspections made by Kerem Aydinlar Student Dormitories Management.

It is mandatory for the students to carry all their belongings out of the building when they check-out. Dormitory management and employees are not responsible for the items left in the unit’s common area or the luggage room.

Students, who register to stay during the upcoming year as well, are allowed to leave their belongings in the luggage room, throughout the summer period.

Items left/forgotten in the unit or in the luggage room are kept for a maximum of 15 (fifteen) days.

Checking-out during mid-term

Private Student Accommodation Services Regulations’ Clauses are in-effect.

Student dormitories are open for entry and exit between 06:00 – 24:00 on the weekdays and between 06:00 – 02:00 on the weekends.

For entries and exits out of these hours, Kerem Aydinlar Student Dormitories Management should be contacted.

If a student will spend the night outside the dormitory, regardless of the reason, he/she should inform the student dormitory management and fill-out the permission slip. If the student fails to inform, management is obligated to notify the student’s family or acquaintances.

We mainly expect everyone staying at the student dormitories to obey the rules of commune living and respect each other’s rights and responsibilities.

The basis of our rules is formed by Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University Kerem Aydinlar Student Dormitories Directive. Every student, who is to stay in the dormitory, is considered to have read Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University Kerem Aydinlar Student Dormitories Agreement and assumed to have accepted and stated that he/she is obligated to behave in accordance with the Guidelines About Disciplinary Actions.

Students staying at the dormitories are allowed to accept visitors within the rules.

The earliest time for the visitor admittance into the building is 08:00 a.m. Visitors must show identification to the security, log in, get a visitor pass and leave the premises no later than 08:00 p.m.

In the girls dormitory, mother and sisters and in the boys dormitory, father and brothers may go in and out of the common areas until 23:00.

It is the visitor’s and the host’s responsibility to follow entry-exit hours. Visitor is the responsibility of the host until he/she leaves out of the dormitory building. It is important to explain student dormitories’ rules to the visitors, in order to prevent any misunderstanding.

We expect the students staying at the dormitory to be attentive to following matters:

  • Application and documents should be turned in to student dormitories management on time.

  • Students must abide by dormitory entry-exit rules/hours.

  • Students must inform student dormitories management for the days they would stay out.

  • Students are not allowed to accept visitors staying overnight in the units/rooms.

  • In the event of a visitor using/utilizing common area facilities (laundromat, hobby-kitchen, study room, game room etc.), the host is liable.

  • It is forbidden to possess and consume cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and narcotics within the buildings.

  • Pets are not allowed in the building.

  • Units, rooms and common areas should be kept tidy and clean.

  • Cooking outside the hobby kitchen is not allowed. Hobby kitchen’s tidiness, during and after being used, is students’ responsibility.

  • It is students’ responsibility to keep their windows and doors closed and the electrical devices and the faucets turned-off while they are out of their rooms. In such situation, the residents of that unit will be held liable in case of a theft, fire or flood.

  • If a dispute, which might have occured among a unit’s/room’s residents due to a problem, is not settled, relevant individuals are obliged to conform to any possible changes made by student dormitories management.

  • If a student is staying in a unit or in a double room by himself/herself, Kerem Aydinlar Student Dormitories Management might ask that student to move to another room with the same features. In such case, student should follow the decision.

  • Making disturbingly loud noise is not permitted. It is absolutely not allowed to make noise in the areas that require quietness, such as study rooms.

  • Certain actions, that might endanger the safety of student dormitories (ironing in the room, using electric heater, stove and such, having explosible and combustible materials in the room, such as gas tank, candle, incense, tampering with fire sensor systems, cameras and card-reader swing barriers), are dangerous and forbidden.

  • It is mandatory to use the card and fingerprint readers at the swing barriers.

  • Students are liable for the damages caused to the fixtures in their units/rooms. The related cost is deducted from the deposit.

  • It is important to fill-out and submit room inspection form completely during the initial arrival at the dormitory, since it will be basis for any damages and deductions that might occur later on.

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