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Vision: To be the first center that comes to mind and to be the most trusted center when it comes to combating violence.

Mission: Taking an active role in the fight against crime, especially violence against women and children, developing studies and projects to prevent violence, ensuring that studies and projects go beyond theory and bring practical benefits into life.


  • Prof. Dr. Oğuz Polat

Members of the Board

  • Prof. Dr. İrfan Güney
  • Prof. Dr. İnci User
  • Assoc. Prof. Işıl Pakiş
  • Assist. Prof Fatih Artvinli

  1. 1. Violence

    a. Detection of violence and practice for all victims of violence

    b. Practice for the protection of victims of violence

    c. Studies for the prevention of violence

    d. Profiling the assailant in cases of violence

    e. Profiling the victim in cases of violence

    f. Analysing violence cases, primarily in sociological, criminological and psychological dimensions

    2. Crime

    a. Practicing victims' rights in crime cases

    b. Prison studies, especially for children

    c. Studies on crime prevention in schools

    d. Supporting individual disarmament efforts

    3. Basic Studies

  2. Doing research and projects
  3. Organizing conferences, panels and congresses
  4. Mapping work
  5. Making risk analysis
  6. Reporting periodically
  7. Modelling for protective strategies
  8. Preventive practices
  9. Informing and raising awareness about rights