Our Mission

To provide the necessary infrastructure and technical support for scientific research or education with laboratory animals at Acıbadem University, to carry out the breeding, care and use of laboratory animals at high quality and due to international ethical standards.

Our Vision

Is to be a Center which uses the most advanced technology to produce new and reliable information, where the most professional, quality and humane approach are taken to the care of laboratory animals, where the satisfaction of researchers and staff is at the highest level, which is a leader in Turkey and can compete with similar facilities worldwide.

  • Güldal Süyen, M.D., Ph.D., Prof.
  • Serap Arbak, Ph.D., Prof.
  • Beki Kan, Ph. D., Prof.
  • İsmail Hakkı Ulus, M.D., Ph.D., Prof.
  • Hale Kırımlıoğlu, M.D., Assoc. Prof.
  • Meltem Kolgazi, Ph.D., Assist. Prof.
  • Güldal Süyen, M.D., Ph.D., Prof.
  • Samed Özer, Veterinary Surgeon
  • Efsun Özen, Veterinary Technician
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