The Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases was established in 2008. Its mission is to raise the standards of general public health through education, research and public services while providing diagnostics and treatment for all dermatological and venereal diseases in all age groups using scientific methods and state of the art technology.

Diagnostics and treatment units are available at Acıbadem Atakent, Maslak (university teaching hospitals), Fulya, Kozyatağı Hospitals as well as Acıbadem Bağdat Caddesi Outpatient Center, where the university faculty members are located. The units provide diagnostics and treatments for dermatological diseases and can also perform small surgical interventions, cosmetic procedures and laser applications.

The unit treats children of all ages starting from early babyhood. The sub-specialties within the department provide the following services: using direct microscopy to search for fungi in the mycology laboratory, fungal cultures, Tzanck smear; the dermatosurgery unit provides punch, incisional and excisional biopsies, cryotherapy, electrocauterization, TCA (trichloroacetic acid) procedure, intralesional medication applications (corticosteroids, bleomycin), topical immunotherapy, pathergy testing, nail surgery, surgical treatment of benign and malign skin tumors; the phototherapy unit provides local and general PUVA and narrow band UVB treatments. Allergic dermatological conditions are diagnosed using the skin patch test, prick test and autologous serum skin test.

The cosmetic unit performs a range of procedures including chemical peeling, fillers, PRP, hair mesotherapy, and botulinum toxin injections. Our laser units use a variety of laser technologies to treat acne scars and other scarring, skin rejuvenation, to perform striae treatment, to treat vascular lesions, to treat discolorations and laser epilation. Dermatoscopic examinations and computerized dermatoscopy are used for the diagnosis and monitoring of moles (nevus), melanoma and other pigment lesions. The department works in close collaboration with the Department of Pathology and organizes regular monthly joint dermatopathological meetings. These meetings are used to discuss cases which are rare and difficult. Once a year, the department organizes scientific conferences with the aim of contributing to the continual learning of physicians within the department as well as participants from other health institutions.

The education of the students of the School of Medicine mainly takes place at Acıbadem Atakent University Hospital. Medical students actively participate in the diagnosis and treatments of patients of the department and the procedures which are carried out in the laboratory and other units.

(*) Assigned Faculty Members According to Article 13-b-4 of Law No. 2547.

(**) Visiting Faculty Member

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