Since its inception, the Department of Cardiology of Acıbadem University has provided educational and practical healthcare services to the School of Medicine as well as other units. The academic faculty members of the Department of Cardiology are all graduates of leading universities and are extremely competent and skilled physicians in their chosen field. Their aim is to train Turkey’s elite students of medicine and health sciences by combining their experiences within Acıbadem Healthcare Group with Acıbadem University. Students are taught using the most up to date information, practicals and experience alongside the technical facilities at Acıbadem University.

The department also emphasizes good physician practices as well as the importance of knowledge, experience and infrastructure. The curriculum at the Department of Cardiology begins with campus education which is followed by cardiology emergency services, cardiological outpatient services, non-invasive laboratories with state of the art equipment, catheter laboratories, modern imaging and treatment techniques, and inpatient and cardiology intensive care units at international standards in hospital settings. The combination of experience and services with education and learning provides not only healthcare services but also contributes greatly to training the next generation of physicians who will propel our country towards the future.

(*) Assigned Faculty Members According to Article 13-b-4 of Law No. 2547.

(**) Visiting Faculty Member

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