Students are eligible to receive their diploma as long as they have completed the graduation requirements for the program in which they are enrolled.

Procedures regarding graduation, diplomas and related documents are carried out according to the Acıbadem University Diploma, Diploma Book, Certificate of Graduation and Other Documents Regulation.

Finalization of Graduation

Students are evaluated within the framework of the graduation requirements for the program on which they are enrolled. Students who have completed their academic obligations are identified on the final day for grade entries in the academic calendar. The graduation of students who have been identified is finalized by the decision made by the institute/faculty/college to which they are affiliated. Student Affairs begins the graduation procedures for students whose graduation has been finalized.

Procedure for Graduation

Students whose graduation has been finalized by the board are issued with a “Temporary Graduation Document”. Students who receive the "Temporary Graduation Document” must then fulfill the following procedures.

1- Disassociation from the University

Students are required to return any material which has been allocated to them by one of the University departments listed below.

Unit / Department / Officer Procedure
Library Paying library debt etc.
Financial Affairs Financial records (Debt information)
Student Affairs Hand in student ID card

2- Diploma Procedures

The diplomas are prepared and sent to the Ministry of Health for approval. Once this is completed, the University internet website publishes the date that the student diplomas are ready for collection.

3- Diploma Collection

Students must bring their Temporary Graduation Document to Student Affairs where they sign the Diploma Book to receive their diplomas. Diplomas and related documents are only given in person and signed for by the graduates themselves or by those who have been given power of attorney.

Important Information:

  • Diplomas are only given in person and signed for by the graduates themselves or by those who have been given power of attorney. Diplomas are not handed over in any other way.
  • Temporary Graduation Documents are issued only once. It is advised that the original document is not handed over to, e.g., apply for work, but instead, if required, a notarized photocopy or copy should be used.
  • Once all procedures associated with graduation are complete, all documents which were handed into the university upon enrollment e.g. high school diploma can be collected from Student Affairs.
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