Lecturer Dr. Emrah Akkurt<br> <strong>Director</strong>
Lecturer Dr. Emrah Akkurt

Dear ACUPEP Students,

Welcome to Acıbadem University Preparatory English Program (ACUPEP).

Our mission in ACUPEP is to equip you with primarily linguistic and academic skills in English so that you can pursue your English-medium faculty courses with ease as well as communicate effectively. On top of that, we envision a successful ACUPEP graduate as an individual capable of using English listening, speaking, reading and writing language skills efficiently, thinking critically and creatively, who is a self-regulated learner with a passion for life-long learning, holding high values for academic integrity and fairness, personal and universal ethics, and respect for differences. To this end, ACUPEP courses have been designed to assist you in excelling in English language skills as well as 21st century communication and basic academic skills so that you can make a difference as Acıbadem University graduates nationwide and internationally. As you all have different academic backgrounds, study habits and English language skills, you will each go through a unique, challenging yet rewarding journey here, employing differentiated learning strategies. All the program lecturers are well equipped to assist you during your ACUPEP studies and are ready to provide you with the guidance and support both in and outside the classroom.

We will be more than happy to assist and guide you in exploring language and study skills and reflecting on your performance throughout your journey with us. We, as ACUPEP lecturers, wish you a very successful academic year and kindly request you to be fully committed to your courses here to ensure you will be competent users of English when you are eligible to start your freshman studies.

Emrah Akkurt
Director, Preparatory English Program

Preparatory English Program is a minimum half, maximum 2-academic-year compulsory program for Faculty of Arts and Sciences, departments of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Psychology, Faculty of Engineering, departments of Computer Science Engineering, Medical Engineering, Faculty of Health Sciences, departments of Nursing, Dietetics and Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Pharmacy students since their medium of instruction is English.

The program is designed to enable our students to use English language skills effectively and express themselves in all academic and social contexts. To realize this goal, Listening, Reading, Speaking, Use of English, and Writing and courses are supported by Prep Academic Skills course to make sure the students can transfer the knowledge to real life practices and familiarize themselves with the required academic skills both in their academic and professional lives.

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