Acıbadem University Disabled Students Unit maintains communication with the relevant administrative and academic units in order to support our disabled students in achieving their academic goals, ensures that our students receive the support they need. A Disabled Student Unit Directive was prepared on 29.06.2021 based on Article 15 of the Law on the Disabled, dated 01.07.2005 and numbered 5378, as well as the Higher Education Institutions Disabled Counseling and Coordination Regulation. It was approved by the University Senate and published on the University's website.

In order to increase awareness on disabilities, a "Disability and Life" course was offered in 2021-2022 academic year to undergraduate students within the scope of University Elective courses, and 50 students enrolled in.

With its disability-friendly architecture, Acıbadem University campus is designed to make it possible for disabled individuals to work in academic and administrative roles, attend classes, and conduct research.

In order to accomplish this,

  • The university has 18 handicapped washrooms, 9 in the A block, 8 in the C block, and 1 in the conference room
  • The closed parking area provides free disabled parking close to the entrance gates
  • The parking lot has accessible ramps and button-operated doors at all building entrances
  • All elevators are equipped with embossed keys
  • Block A's entrance was provided with a button-operated electric door
  • A manual turnstile and a ramp at the security entrance that is easily accessible by wheelchair users. A manual turnstile in the cafeteria area that is easily accessible to wheelchair users
  • Table heights in the cafeteria are suitable for disabled access and can be easily navigated by wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair-accessible classrooms and library. All library staff is responsible for facilitating access to the library for persons with disabilities
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrances and exits

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