Student dormitories’ receptions are in service 24/7 for our students and visitors. Reception personnel controls students’ and visitors’ entries and exits, accepts incoming mails, assists in notifying the students about the packages delivered for them and such other duties. They provide coordination during students’ checking-in and out of the dormitories in the beginning and at the end of the year.


The student dormitories’ accommodation fee covers breakfast during weekdays (5 days). Breakfast is served every morning between 07:00 to 10:30 a.m. at university cafeteria.

Hobby Kitchen

Hobby kitchens in student dormitories supply built-in burners, toaster, ovens/microwaves and aspirators to cook simple meals. Students can use hobby kitchens whenever they need. The kitchenware and other equipments for cooking are provided by the student. Students are responsible for the tidiness of the kitchen, during and after using it. The items that belong to hobby kitchen cannot be taken to student rooms.

TV and Internet

There is wifi connection in every area of the student dormitories. The wifi service provided in the dormitories is for online study, not for games, music or movies. Every unit, student dormitory laundromat waiting room, game room and breakroom have TV.


Student dormitories have electronic card and fingerprint recognition system for entry and exit controls. Closed circuit TV cameras record in and out of the buildings 24/7. Buildings also have fire alarms which operate by heat/smoke detectors.


In the student dormitories, room cleaning is done by the cleaning personnel assigned by the management.


Since the laundromats are open 24/7 for dormitory students to use, the responsibility of the items that are left/forgotten belongs to the students. The clothing, which are not claimed for seven days, are considered as trash.

Technical Service

Technical service team carries-out the protective maintenance of the building installation and responds to daily malfunction calls. Students may notify the receptionist and request service for the failures that might occur in the units/rooms. There is a generator that serves for all areas in-use at student dormitory buildings.

Heating, AC and Hot Water

In student dormitories there is hot water, at all times. During winter, heating is provided by central heating system. There are air conditioners in units’ common areas and inside the rooms for cooling.

When the institution opens, all closed sections are heated at 22 °C (+/- 2 °C).

Luggage Room

There is luggage room for students to store their items which they do not want to keep in their rooms or their personal belongings or luggages which they use seasonally. The luggages/boxes are only accepted as closed and locked to be kept in this room. Students are given luggage cards when theyleave their luggages here. Students are allowed to enter this room only while being accompanied by the security and student dormitory management representative. The responsibility of the whole content of the luggage belongs to the student. Students, who register to stay for the following year, may leave their belongings in the luggage room, throughout the summer period.

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