Priority of the student dormitories is: Making students feel at home by providing a hotel service that is totally different than ordinary dormitory life.

Girls Dormitory: 260 bed capacity within 86 units. All of them are 3-people units.

On the 15th floor, we have two 4-people units.

Boys Dormitory: 144 bed capacity within 72 units. All of them are 2-people units.

In every room, there are:

  • Bed, pillow, quilt

  • Desk

  • Wall-mounted reading lamp

  • Wheeled office chair

  • Roller blind and fabric curtain

  • Wall-mounted cabinet and shelves

  • Personal safe, air conditioner

  • Smoke alarm

In the common areas of every room, there are:

  • Mini refrigerator

  • Dinner table and chairs

  • TV, house phone

  • Flashlight, fire extinguisher

  • Air Conditioner

  • Smoke alarm

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