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Result Description

Student Clubs

ACU Volunteers

Molecular  Bıology and Genetic Club (ACUGEN)Astronomi Kulübü

Forensic  Medicine and Criminology Club

Astronomy Club

Association of European Medical Students

Nutrition and Dietetic Club

Bicycle Club

Environmental Health Club

Diving and Sailing Club

Dance Club

Nature Sports and Aviation Club (DOSHAK)

Drama Club

Journal Club

Literature and Art Club

Erasmus and International Student Club

Photography Club

Young Earth Doctors Group

Travel Club

Medical Search and Rescue Club (ACUMEDAK)

Engineering Club

Debate Club

Music Club

Game Club

Psychiatry and Neurology Club

Psychology Club

Radio Club

Healthcare Management Club

Healthcare Enterpreneurship Club

Cinema Club

Sports Club

Sustainable Life Club (SUYAK)

Scientific Research Group of School of Medicine (ACUTBAT)

International Career in Medicine Club

TurkMSIC Student Club

Foreign Languages and Communication Club

Green Crescent Club

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