Campus card is the ID card of Acıbadem University students. It is a card that our students must carry with them in for many activities, such as campus entrances and exits, borrowing books from the library. You must carry it with you at all times within campus boundaries.

If you lose your campus card, you can take a new one from our Card Center.

By metro;

By using the Kadıköy-Kartal metro on the Anatolian side of Istanbul; 12 minutes after getting on Kadıköy Station, get off at using exit number 4 on Kozyatağı Station and reach ACU by walking for 15 minutes towards Kayışdağı direction. When boarding from Kartal station, after 20 minutes, you get off at Kozyatagi Station and reach ACU on a 15-minute walk in the direction of Kayışdağı using Exit 4.

By bus;

By using the buses 19k, 19y, 19v, 19S, 19t, 14A Uskudar 11T, 320A from Kadıköy pier, you can get off at the ‘Acıbadem University' stop and reach ACU easily.

Transportation To The University By Car;

In the direction of Maltepe-Kadıköy the D100 (E5) highway you will turn from the HAL-Ataşehir turn. Follow Hal road from the side road and turn right to Kayışdağı Street. Then arrive at Acıbadem University in 2 km.

In the direction of Kadıköy-Maltepe, in the D100 (E5) highway turn from the Umraniye-Ataşehir-Hal turn. After 700 meters, after crossing the Goztepe turn, you turn right onto the Hal-Ataşehir road. Turn left from the lights onto Hal road. After 400 meters, you enter Kayışdağı Street to the right. Then arrive at Acıbadem University in 2 km.

  • During periods of education, between 07:45 and 17:30, you can take advantage of our free ring services operating in front of "Cafe Carino", located near the entrance/exit of the Metro No. 4 Kozyatağı station.

Our campus has student lockers that you can use if you want. At the beginning of each academic year, you can provide lockers by requesting. You can consult to our Card Center for questions and problems related to your locker, password etc.

Unclaimed items found on the campus must be delivered to security. Finds and lost items that are not taken back until the end of the period are delivered to the charity institutions in accordance with the procedure.

We have a cafeteria on campus where you can eat a la carte or fixed menu. On our website, you can access the working hours of the cafeteria from the ACU living area. At the same time, there are cafes and restaurants on campus that you can use other than the cafeteria.

In emergency situations such as fire, earthquake, the assembly area is the Lecture Theater behind the security building.

In case of an emergency, you can contact emergency personnel by dialing 8 from the nearest phone.

Guests arriving at the campus should be welcomed at security and escorted as long as they are inside.

Guests can stay on campus until 23: 00.

  • Built with sustainability idea in our mind, our campus is LEED Gold certified. With our responsibility to the environment, our buildings have an eco-friendly design based on energy efficiency and saving. We produce clean energy with our renewable power plants such as solar panels and wind turbines on our campus.

  • Our campus also has recycling and waste battery boxes for recycling waste. You can also contribute to the protection of nature by supporting us in the decomposition of waste.

You can find the Announcements on the homepage of our university website under the heading "Announcements". In order to reach you in a shorter time, some announcements are sent as SMS to your mobile phone number that you provided during registration to our University, or to your Acıbadem e-mail addresses.

For this reason, it is important that you follow the announcements on our website, keep the contact information you have shared with us up-to-date and actively use your acıbadem e-mail address.

The Academic Calendar is a calendar that includes the dates of all activities carried out at our University during an academic year and is available under the Student Affairs heading on our website. In the academic calendar, you can find the information such as start and end dates of course registrations, exams, lateral transfers, double major and minor applications and many more detailed date information. If you follow the academic calendar you are subject to regularly, your academic life will progress without interruption. Akademik-takvim

You can find the directives and regulations of our university on the main page of our website under the University heading. Guidelines and Regulations will guide you throughout your academic life at our university. Through the regulations and directives, you can have information about many issues such as education periods, course registrations, exams, grading system, attendance, undergraduate transfer, double major, minor, scholarships, graduation and many more.

The course schedules of the departments / programs you are enrolled in are published in “Bademnet” on the dates announced in the academic calendar at the beginning of each academic semester before the course registrations.

The semester-end and make-up exam calendars of the department / programs you are enrolled in are published in "Bademnet” on the dates announced in the academic calendar at the end of each academic year.

It is the system where all your processes from enrollment to graduation are carried out at our university.

Via Student Information System, you can follow;

  • Your transcript
  • Your notes
  • Your Attendance,

perform your transactions such as

  • Course Registration
  • Add-Drop,

and request

  • Student Certificate and transcript

Student Information System Username and password were sent to you via SMS to your phone number that you provided to OSYM during the YKS exam application.

After logging in on the screen, you can change it from the "Change Password" section in the "User Transactions" menu heading under the menu on the left.

You can set a new password by clicking the "Forgot My Password" link on the screen.

You can apply to the Registrar's Office with a signed petition containing your current contact information. You can send your petitions by e-mail to due to the pandemic.

  • You can request your English/Turkish Student Certificate and Transcript from the Document request screen on the Student Information System.
  • If you request a document e-signed, you can follow the preparation stages of your document and download your prepared document on the Student Information System.
  • You can receive the document you have requested with a wet signature by coming to the Student Affairs office in person the next day.

Within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, 6698- Your personal data are not shared with any person other than you without your consent. Documents belonging to you are shared with another person with your consent, written permission or power of attorney, depending on the nature of the document.

Answer: It is used for the university e-mail access provided for our academic/administrative staff and our students.

Answer: It is provided for our students and academic/administrative staff to share the necessary information within the university. Username is the field before @ (Name.Surname) of the web mail address. Web mail password and bademnet password are the same. Student web mail and bademnet passwords are communicated via SMS.

Answer: Relative registration is for the students of our university to benefit from the special discounts valid at the Acıbadem Hospitals. It applies to themselves and their relatives. This process is done through bademnet. After pressing the relative registration for students button on Bademnet, they must first register themselves, then they can register their relatives. Data is transmitted to the hospital systems 2 hours after the registration. If the user makes a wrong registration, they should not delete it, and they must send an e-mail to

Answer: It is necessary to connect to wifi with the ID "Acıbadem" and register with TR ID number. Internet access is provided on campus after registration.

Answer: For 365 office programs, access is provided at with the web mail address and password given during registration. Any Office program wanted can be downloaded and used.

Our library has a collection that supports the academic programs of the university, and the publications are mainly composed of Medical and Health Sciences. In addition to our central library which is located on Kerem Aydınlar Campus.

Central and branch libraries have a total area of 1,272 square meters and a seating capacity of 321 people. Offering a modern and comfortable working environment to its readers, our library includes general study rooms, a computer study room and 14 study rooms which users can book in advance.

Affiliated to the Central Library, Maslak and Atakent Hospital Libraries were opened to service in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Library collections include printed, electronic and visual materials. In addition to 22,112 materials in the printed collection category, the electronic collection includes 27 databases, 37,229 e-journals, 17,393 e-books and 2.5 million full-text theses, newspapers and magazines.

You may browse the printed and electronic resources of the library from the library page on our university website. In order to access electronic resources from outside the campus, you must first configure the proxy settings. For off-campus access, you can adjust the settings, which have descriptions in the files, according to your preferred internet browser. After completing the settings process, students are required to enter their Bademnet username and password.

After completing the off-campus access settings, you can search by title, subject or author name in the search box on the library home page, and access the location and status information of the printed resources as well as the access information of electronic resources.

You can list all the databases we've subscribed to in detail from the research menu.

Students of our university are naturally the members of the library. Borrowing procedures can be handled from the desk at the entrance of the library. The users are required to present their campus cards to the library attendant during the borrowing process. Students may borrow 3 books for 2 weeks, and they can extend the borrowing time within the framework of certain rules. Returns can be made to central and branch offices. A delay fee is charged for items that are not returned on time. Detailed information can be found on the library website.

There are 14 group and project study rooms in the central and the branch libraries. Rooms can be booked by applying to the library desk. The use of rooms is restricted to one person throughout the pandemic process.

The central library is open 24/7 during the academic semester. It is open between 8:30 - 17:30 during the semester and summer breaks. It is closed on public holidays.

You can apply to the library desk or send an e-mail to the library office for assistance with your research and accessing resources or you can send an e-mail to the library directorate for assistance with your research and accessing resources.

We help our students with exchange programs, especially Erasmus+.

Erasmus + Student Mobility is divided into education and internship mobility. Learning mobility is a mobility for our students to complete part of their education at universities abroad that we have contracted. Internship mobility is a mobility for our students to gain professional training and work experience in a university, business or organization abroad.

Associate and undergraduate students with a 2.20 GPA and above, Master and doctoral students with a 2.50 GPA and above can apply for Erasmus+ student mobility. Our applications are opened once a year in the fall semester.

  • From any device (phone, tablet, computer) using Chrome or Safari browsers, you must log in with the user information you use for OBS (Student Information System) via the links below.
  • Quick Access “EYS” link on our website

If you are a student, you need to enter the student number in the username section;, if you are an instructor, the number given to you by the student affairs is needed. Try to login to OBS with the same information, if you get the same error, you need to change your password from OBS.

If you don't have user information, you can request your username and password by sending an e-mail to <

The mobile application cannot be used because it is under construction. There is no clear time about when the development will end.

Therefore, instead of the application, you can easilylog into the using the Chrome browser from any device with the link below.

In the background of the system, there is a tool that keeps the activity progress of the students and writes them in the report. However, since the operation of the tool will slow down the system if it works momentarily, the tool operates at certain time intervals during the day when the system intensity is low. For this reason, students may have to wait a while (1 week) to see the completed statement after completing the activities.

This period may be longer during the distance education period.

As a completion criterion, it is enough to do what is requested from you once, and if the file you uploaded appears in the place where you uploaded the file, your homework has been uploaded.

If you can't see the instructor but other friends can see, it is not a general problem. It is recommended to log into the system from the Chrome browser.

There may be an internet connection problem. Since many educational institutions have switched to distance education, such problems may occur throughout the country.

Disconnecting from the system during the lesson is related to your Internet connection speed. In the period of distance education, such problems are experienced throughout the country. If your teachers ask, you can watch the repetition of it from LMS.

To contribute to the personal development of our students with scientific, artistic, social and cultural activities. Our university students can easily become members of student clubs, establish new clubs and benefit from all physical facilities.

You can join the university teams by participating in the team auditions. Team selection dates are notified to students via e-mail.

During the pandemic process, we conduct our psychological counseling sessions online via Zoom. Our sessions take 45 minutes. We also have the option to keep the time longer or shorter in case of need and availability.

Anyone who is a student of Acıbadem University can request a session appointment from the Psychological Counseling Unit.

In order to request a session appointment from the Psychological Counseling Unit, it will be sufficient to provide your department, student number, age, mobile phone number and send an e-mail with a few sentences explaining why you applied to the Psychological Counseling Unit.

All services considered within the scope of Acıbadem University Psychological Counseling Unit are free of charge for our students.

We offer our students the opportunity to work part-time in the administrative units of our University in line with the needs and within the quota.Within the scope of our cooperation with Acıbadem Healthcare Group, we also provide necessary guidance for our students who want to work part-time at Acıbadem Hospitals.

Within the framework of our part-time student program, it is possible to work at the school.

Close identification means that our students define their own and their relatives' information to the system through in order to ensure that they and their relatives receive healthcare services at a discount from Acıbadem Hospitals.

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