Assit.Prof.Dr. Mustafa Seçkin, who is one of our faculty members in School of Medicine, the Department of Neurology Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Seçkin and School of Medicine students ran in the Belgrade Forest for Alzheimer patients by participating in the Istanbul Half Marathon, which was organized as a ‘Virtual Run’ and coincided with Alzheimer's Awareness Week due to the pandemic.

Virtual Running is an event in which each runner can determine his or her own track and running time. In this way, runners are prevented from piling on the same track and violating the social distance required by the pandemic.

About the Virtual Running Event, Assist. Prof.Dr. Mustafa Seçkin said that, “We wanted to emphasize the importance of sports for Brain Health and to support our patients with the guidance of the Alzheimer's Association of Turkey by raising awareness for Alzheimer's patients in our country.” Dr. Seçkin specifically stated that they would continue their awareness run in the following years. They are also very happy to participate in an event for Alzheimer's disease that will be seen more widely in the future, the students of Acıbadem University School of Medicine stated that they are also collecting donations for Alzheimer's patients with this run. Among the runners, there was a Medical School student Mehmet Utku Uzbek, who said his close relative had advanced Alzheimer's "Every time I talk to him, I understand the symptoms of the disease and the situations it causes, and I understand the seriousness of the situation. So it was also meaningful for me to be at an event like this and to raise awareness,” he said. “Maybe Alzheimer's disease, which is not on the agenda of most of us, has also come to our individual agenda with this occasion,” Osman Yüksel Koşar said.

Ezgi Bülbül, who is a 4th grade student at School of Medicine stated that “Students participating in the run also shared their feelings and thoughts about the event, which was a new experience for many. ” It was a new experience for me to participate in such a run, " and continued as follows: "It was very meaningful to perform this experience on behalf of World Alzheimer's Day. I think we make the most of our energy and time in pandemic conditions to raise awareness and raise donations. As a medical school student, I remembered the importance of spending time with nature and sports again. Sports have a big role in both stress and neurodegenerative (which leads to progressive damage to nerve cells) diseases far beyond what we think. I hope we can increase the place of sport in our lives and come together again on the same day with a similar event next year.”

Ömer Orhun, who is a 4th grade student at School of Medicine and took his place in the virtual run added that “This year, we did not miss the opportunity to have World Alzheimer's day and the Istanbul virtual marathon at the same time, and we acted in the Belgrade Forest to raise awareness and collect donations about Alzheimer's disease, one of the important diseases of our time. Running, walking and other cardiovascular exercises have protective properties against Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases. As a medical school student, it is very important for me to underline the importance of sports in this aspect. It was very nice to act on this issue with my other friends who are studying at Acıbadem University, School of Medicine. “I hope that we will continue this activity in the coming years.”

Last Updated At: 07/10/2020
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