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The first article which was prepared by compiling data between 2013 and 2016 of the Nepal Social Pediatrics Project which has been conducted since 2013 with the participation of Acıbadem University students and faculty members and with the support of many organizations, especially our university, was accepted for publication in Acta Tropica. (In class Acta Tropica Q1, impact factor 2.7).

Acıbadem University has provided free medical examination and necessary drugs for students in determined rural schools and local people with the cooperation of volunteer students and faculty members of the School of Medicine and Nepalese doctors. The Project is conducted as a two weeks field study each year with the participation of the volunteer students of ACU-MEDAK. In addition, healthy living practices such as the importance of washing hands with soap and brushing teeth are provided to children in primary school, and first aid-post-disaster practices to local people in cooperation with MEDAK members participating in the project, The article contributes to the current health profile of the country through the data collected during the studies, providing detailed information, especially on parasitic infections in children.

After evaluating the collected data, it is also planned to publish other articles on general or specific topics in the following years.

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Last Updated At: 17/02/2020
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