Institute of Social Sciences Medical Sociology Programme (with thesis, without thesis) welcomes students who wants to specialize in the field. Programme is the first and only program in Turkey.

Program aims to provide specialization on medical sociology to students who completed their undergraduate studies. Medical Sociology stuides relationship between social institutions, and health and diseases, effect of health on other social institutions; social , political and cultural determinants of health, regulations of different economic systems regarding health. Doctor-patient relationship, which comprises an important aspect of the treatment, communcation processes that affects society’s stance on health, hospital life, characteristics and needs of health workers are also the topics of medical sociology. Students completing Medical Sociology Master’s Programme with Thesis, but also do not want to continue their academic studies in this field can move on to a general or specialized sociology doctoral programme. Medical Sociology Master’s Programme without Thesis will the a good fit for students who do not want to continue to an academic carreer but want to specialize in Sociology, and prepare them for pragmatic positions such as management, research, planning, education, consulting in health related fields. Programme is the first and only program in Turkey.

Last Updated At: 28/03/2019
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