Mentorship Program which is stated as one of the strengths of our university by YÖKAK, is carried out by the Faculty of Pharmacy Mentoring Commission (which was established in 2019-2020) as one of the important processes in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Four volunteer members of the commission completed their work for the PEER MENTORING Program in October and started the program on 2 November 2019. The program completed its first academic year in june; peer mentor and mentee meetings that started face-to-face and continued online in the spring semester. Feedback was received through the mentee and peer mentor surveys, and the program’s strengths and opportunities for improvement were also identified.

After the year-end reports and process improvement efforts, the peer mentoring program for the second academic year was started on Saturday, November 7, 2020, and MENTEE (program introduction) and PEER MENTORING program training was conducted. The training was on-line by Zoom and it lasted 5 hours with the participation of 84 students.

The training program which started with Dean Prof. Dr. Mert Ülgen's welcoming video, and continued with "Peer Mentoring System" by Dr. Yasemin Uzuner, and "Ethical Agreement and the First Interview Process" by Dr. Nazlı Şencan. Afternoon session continued with the information provided by Res. Assist. Başak Türk Erbul and Res. Assit. Jülide Cansu Karakoç on "Good and Bad Peer Mentor Behaviors" and completed with the case studies.

The participants of the training programme (mentee and peer mentors) started the 2020-2021 Academic Year Peer Mentoring Program with great enthusiasm. The process is monitored monthly with reports uploaded through the LMS (Learning Management System).

Last Updated At: 12/03/2021
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