SHAER Project Team Members got together in Acibadem University, Istanbul, on May 28 - 30, 2018. SHAER (Storytelling for Health: Acknowledgment, Expression and Recovery) is an internationally collaborated project focusing on Gender Based Violence. The Project Attendees are Jenevieve Mannell, Ayesha Ahmad, Yesim Isil Ulman, Lida Ahmad, Shazana Andrabi, Lobna Salem, Sharli Anne Paphitis, Peter Hughes. Members of the History of Medicine & Ethics Department attended the meeting as well.

Gender based violence (GBV) affects one in three women worldwide and is a significant global health problem with severe consequences for women’s mental health. While often overshadowed by physical health outcomes, the mental health implications of GBV may have more significant impacts on women’s health than physical violence, and the effects of GBV can range from higher rates of depression and suicidal ideation, to severe stress and anxiety. In extreme settings, the mental health effects of gender based violence are further compounded by social norms that condone violence as a normal part of intimate relationships.

The aim of the partnership is to explore the potential of using narrative storytelling as a culturally-relevant approach to responding to the mental health challenge and psychological trauma related to gender-based violence (GBV) against women in ‘extreme’ settings. The Team members held an Inaugural Meeting in Istanbul Acibadem University on May 28-30, 2018 at the Department of History of Medicine and Ethics. The Group decided collectively on the theory of change that means, intervention, indicators, (short, medium and long term) outcomes, evaluation and impact.

Last Updated At: 02/04/2019
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