Rectal Cancer Treatment Consensus Meeting brought together expert physicians and faculty working in the field.

Rectal Cancer Treatment Consensus Meeeting took place on 5th January 2019 at Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital, by Acıbadem University in collaboration with Koç University.

The meeting brought together physicians and academic faculty who are interested in Rectal Cancer Treatment. During the meeting, eliminating uncertainties in the adaptation of existing knowledge and experience to new treatment approaches and technological applications was discussed.

Rectal Cancer is one of the coloractal cancer types whose incidence rate is increasing in our country and in the world, and it has importany features and differenes in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Current guides are insufficient in some aspects of rectal cancer treatment.

Acıbadem University and Koç University and Koç University, in partnership, organized the first Consensus Meeting on Stomach Cancer.Third is meeting is planned to be organized on Colon Cancer Treatment.

Last Updated At: 21/02/2019
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