The event titled "Rare Diseases and COVID 19 Period Applications Course - Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Processes and Covid 19 Effect and Patient Experiences", created at the request of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, was hosted by ACURARE between May 31 and June 4, 2021.

The five-day course program started with the opening by Prof. Dr. Uğur Özbek and continued with with the work of Dr. Güvenç Koçkaya in the field of health policy. On the second day, the course started with Prof. Dr. Yasemin Alanay's telemedicine topic, and continued with the topic of current clinical and genetic approach presented by Dr. Özlem Doğan and it was completed with Covid-19 studies in pediatric clinic Prof. Dr. Elif Karakoç Aydıner's. After the third day, where Prof. Dr. Bülent Karadağ's work on CF Individuals and the pandemic was explained, the fourth day was completed with Prof. Dr. Betul Sözeri, Prof. Dr. Agop Çıtak and Assoc. Dr. Serdar Beken's presentations on pediatrics. After presenting his studies on hereditary metabolic diseases on the last day of the course, Prof. Dr. Gulden Gokcay and Uz. Dr. Mehmet Cihan Balcı, Dr. Özkan Özdemir shared his knowledge about diagnostic processes. Participants, who were successful as a result of the test made by the ministry regarding the presentations, were given participation certificates prepared by Acıbadem University.

Last Updated At: 14/06/2021
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