Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital celebrated the 14th March Physicians Day at a reception with an invited speech by Prof. Dr. Yesim Isil Ulman on the pioneering works of female doctors.

Prof. Dr. Yesim Isil Ulman gave a speech at the reception in honour of the 14 March Physicians’ Day at the Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital on March 11, 2020. Interesting stories of women in healing job have been dealt with through history of medicine by Dr. Ulman in exemplification of Pesechet to Agnodice, from Trota, Hildegard Bingen to Salomeya Rusetskaya, Mme Pizipio, Mme Messani and so many others. Prof. Ulman narrated about the struggle of pioneering women with a medical degree, such as Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell (USA), Dr. Elizabeth G. Anderson (UK); Dr. Sabat, Dr. Kavalcıyan, Dr. Safiye Ali from Turkey and together with all pioneering female doctors who paved the way in medical profession. Prof Ulman has drawn attention to the glass ceiling metaphor that represents the perseverance and endevour of women to stand up at work life in equality and solidarity against gender discrimination.

Last Updated At: 15/03/2020
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