The “Aultimodal MRI And Neurophysiological Diagnosis Of ALS Accurate Framework For The Analysis, Monitoring And Differentiation” titled project proposal of Vocational School Biomedical Device Technology Program Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Alpay Özcan,who is the coordinator, was selected from 105 applications and entitled to submit the proposal to “Novel brain stimulation and imaging methods and technologies related to neurodegenerative diseases” opened by multinational consortium intended to combat neurodegenerative diseases, and the world's largest research initiative - EU Joint Programme neurodegenerative disease Research (JPND).

Six-team project consortium includes Turkey, Switzerland and Denmark Acıbadem University executive director Prof. Dr. Alpay Özcan, Marmara University executive director Prof. Dr. Barış Işak, the executive director of two teams of the University of Basel, Prof. Dr. Cristina Granziera and Prof. Dr. Schlaeger Regina, and executive directors of two teams of Aarhus University. Assoc. Prof.Dr. Pall Karlsson and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jakob Blicher.

We congratulate our faculty member and wish him continued success.

Last Updated At: 31/05/2020
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