Prof. Gülen Arslan Leid from Norway Haukeland University came to our campus with the invitation of Prof. Nurdan Tözün, our School of Medicine (SoM) Head of Department of Internal Medicine and Prof. Murat Saruç, SoM Department of Internal Medicine faculty member.

In the event organised by Prof. Tanıl Kocagöz, our SoM Head of Department of Medical Microbiology and Prof. Özgür Kurt and Assist. Prof. Sinem Öktem Okullu, faculty members in the SoM Department of Medical Microbiology, Prof. Leid talked about recent developments in faecal microbiota treatment and its place in the future in personalised medicine.

In the meeting held after the conference, attended by Prof. Uğur Sezerman, our SoM Head of Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics; cooperation in microbiota researches, sharing of the resources and joint research projects for the next term were planned.

About Prof. Gülen Arslan Lied:

Worldwide known scientist Prof. Gülen Arslan Lied is a faculty member in Norway Bergen University Faculty of Medicine Department of Gastroenterology. Prof. Lied who is an Ankara University Faculty of Medicine alumni continued her postdoctoral studies in Norway and worked in St. Marks Hospital in London for a year.

Her areas of interest are intestinal food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic inflammatory bowel disease and gastrointestinal ultrasound. Her work especially in microbiota and dysbiosis are admired.

Last Updated At: 09/04/2019
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