The 1st Neuroscience Congress, which aims to bring together students interested in neuroscience and expert academicians in this field, was held on 17-18 April 2021 by the Scientific Research Society of ACU School of Medicine (ACUTBAT). More than 200 students from all over Turkey attended the congress, mostly medical students.

The topics of the congress, which brought together expert academicians and students working in this field, were as follows:

  • ” Brain Aging Determinants That Could Lead to or Prevent Cognitive Decline", Prof. Dr. Michelle Adams
  • ” Language-Brain Relationship", Dr. Mustafa Seçkin
  • "Gut-brain axis and multidisciplinary approach to microbiota”, Prof. Dr. İsmet Melek
  • ” Schizophrenia and the brain", Prof. Dr. Aygün Ertuğrul
  • ” Eight Hours Thought To Be Silent: Sleep", Prof. Dr. Zerrin Pelin
  • "Anatomical components of Time Perception and reward system”, Prof. Dr. Nihal Apaydın
  • ” Epilepsy disease and current approaches", Prof. Dr. Çiğdem Özkara
  • "Transition From Antiepileptic Drugs To Antinöbet Drugs”, Prof. Dr. Filiz Onat
Last Updated At: 30/04/2021
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