On May 15, 2023, the Nursing Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences held its highly anticipated 5th Annual Career Days event. The purpose of this event was to guide graduating students in their career planning, whether it be in the clinical or academic realm, after their graduation.

The opening speech was delivered by the esteemed Head of the Nursing Department, Prof. Ükke Karabacak. Prof. Karabacak, in her captivating address themed "Nurses: Shaping Our Future," provided invaluable insights to the students about the significance of career planning during the graduation phase.

Following the inspiring opening speech, a session titled "Voices of Our Graduates" took place, skillfully moderated by Assist. Prof. Nermin Ocaktan, a respected faculty member of the Nursing Department. During this session, our accomplished university graduates, including Specialist Nurse Yeliz Kahvecioğlu, Specialist Nurse Gülhan Bozan, Nurse Hazal Yazgeç, and Nurse Merve Ünal Işık, delivered insightful presentations on diverse topics such as "Nurses and Our Future," "The Journey of Education Nursing," "Experiences in Responsible Nursing," "Leadership in Team Dynamics," and "Navigating the Challenges of Case Management Nursing."

Moreover, our specialized graduate nurses took the opportunity to enlighten the students about the various paths to shaping their careers. They shared their personal experiences, ranging from university life and postgraduate studies to their professional endeavors and the roles of specialized nurses in specific fields.

The event ended with an engaging question and answer session.

Last Updated At: 25/05/2023
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