The Ministry of Youth and Sports and 28 foundation universities, including our university, signed the memorandum of understanding for the study with the theme "One hundred percent support from foundation universities to Turkish sports in higher education".

The signing ceremony, attended by Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu and representatives of 28 foundation universities, took place on 28 November 2019 at the Ministry headquarters.

Within the scope of the signed memorandum of understanding, athletes will be able to receive 100 percent educational scholarships with a document from the Ministry of Youth and Sports from next year.

Minister Kasapoğlu said at the ceremony held: "We believe that with the unifying power of sports, our youth will take firm steps towards the future. Our goals in sports are clear. We will promote the sports culture and everyone will reach his goal Turkey to more sports. The memorandum of understanding we will sign today is a historic step for this purpose.” Minister Kasapoğlu expressed his gratitude to 28 foundation universities and their rectors who supported the agreement. Within the scope of the agreement, 28 foundation universities will be granted 100 percent educational scholarships, limited to the duration of education, if they are certified by the ministry in the last 4 years, and to make changes in the scholarship regulations of 2020-2021, this is in the Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide. also committed to its announcement.

Last Updated At: 05/12/2019
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