Acıbadem University, IV. School of Medicine Student Congress ALIS (A Look Into Science) was held online on September 4-5 Approximately 400 people from eight countries participated in the congress, which became a tradition.

We congratulate all students and advisors who have achieved degrees with the presentations made within the scope of the congress and wish them continued success.

The scientific student congress ALIS, organized by the Scientific Research Society (ACUTBAT) within the body of Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine, aims to reach different audiences and touch on current areas by determining a different theme in the field of health every year. The congress, which started its work with the theme of Gynecology and Obstetrics in 2019, but was postponed due to the pandemic, was presented to the participants online with a full scientific and social program on September 4-5, 2021.

Approximately 400 people from eight countries and all over Turkey participated in the congress. More than twenty speakers took part in the program, which included six scientific sessions, one of which was a panel, with innovative speeches in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. Prof. Dr. Kazuhiro Kawamuro conveyed the developments in this field with his presentation titled 'Development of a new In-Vitro Activation Treatment for patients with ovarian dysfunction'. With a total of sixteen workshops held in two sessions, the participants had the opportunity to experience CASE, our advanced simulation center, while improving themselves both scientifically and socially. In addition to the full scientific program, there were entertaining moments in the social session with the participation of Berfu and Eser Yenenler.

In addition to scientific and social sessions, active participants made 8 oral and 6 poster presentations at the congress where students from various faculties presented their works every year. The winners of the oral and poster presentations were announced by Kerem Aydınlar Foundation President Seher Aydınlar and Acıbadem University School of Medicine Alumni Association President Ecenur Tuç.

Oral Presentation Winner: Yılmaz Onat Köylüoğlu, School of Medicine, Term 4 student “Diagnostic Performance of AI for Cancers Registered in A Mammography Screening Program: A Retrospective Analysis” Advisor: Prof. Dr. M. Erkin Arıbal, School of Medicine, the department of Radiology

Poster Presentation Winners: Fatima Karaawi, Parsa Mohri; School of Medicine, Term 3 students “Vitamin D levels’ association with IVF results for the infertile patients diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome”

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yiğit Çakıroğlu and Prof. Dr. Bülent Tıraş, School of Medicine, the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Poster Presentation follow-ups: Mirkan Dikeç, Yaren Nur Demir; School of Medicine, Term 3 Students

“Attitudes and Opinions of Medical Students and Health Care Professionals about the COVID-19 Vaccine (a quantitative study from a medical school and its affiliated hospitals)” Advisor: Prof. Dr. Yeşim Işıl Ülman, School of Medicine, the department of Medical History and Ethics

Congress Organization Team Elif Kazaz, Muhammet Fatih Yapar, Sevcan Demircan, Beril Ay, Şeniz Nur Pilevne, Kardelen Uzun, Müge Halıcı, Ahmet Berkan Çiftçi, Tunahan Akgül, Elvin Ay, İbrahim Gökçe, Mahmut Tamel, Arda Mavi, Efe Sarı, Emre Tüzüner, Eylül Dönmez, Gülten Zeynep Ekşi, Alper Gül, Sabahattin Erişen ve Prof. Dr. Mete Güngör

Last Updated At: 16/09/2021
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