“ISPE Biotechnology Workshop” was organized by the collaboration of Acıbadem University, Turgut Pharmaceuticals and ISPE – International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering Turkey on 15th February 2019.

Current work in biotechnological product development and production, and state of licensing of biotechnological products were discussed. Future insights were shared with university and industry experts.

ISPE Turkey Chair MSc. Pharm. Buket Hekiman Bayraktar and Turgut Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology Group Director Prof. Dr. R. Serdar Alpan started the event with their opening remarks. Other speakers and their talks at the workshop were following:

  • “Current State in the Licensing of Biotechnological Produts and Expectations ” MSc. Pharm. Hacer Coşkun Çetintaş, Director of TİTCK Depertment of Pharmaceutics Licensing

  • “Peptide Antibiotics Inspired by Nature” Assoc. Prof. Özge Can, Acıbadem University Faculty of Engineering Department of Medical Engineering

  • “High-Quality Biosimilar Development and Production” Dr. Ahmet Emin Atik, Turgut Pharmaceuticals Protein Analysis Laboratory Supervisor

Last Updated At: 21/03/2019
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