Inc. Infusion Practices Training in Nursing, which was organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences, the department of Nursing in cooperation with Abdi İbrahim İlaç San. A.Ş. with the aim of creating a common perspective on safe drug administration and nursing care based on best practice standards, took place on 18-19 December 2021.

In the training held in order to update the knowledge and skills of nurses who apply infusion therapy in line with the standards published by the Infusion Nurses Society-INS; Topics such as infusion therapy applications, patient and employee safety, infection prevention and control, infusion equipment, vascular access device selection and placement, vascular access device management, vascular access device related complications, infusion treatments, safe drug applications with scenario were discussed.

On the first day of the training, which lasted for two days in total, theoretical training and workshops were held in line with the standards of the Infusion Nurses Association (INS). On the second day of the training, a scenario for safe infusion practice was carried out at CASE (Center of Advanced Simulation and Education) with the participants. At the end of the training attended by nurses from many cities in Turkey, participation certificates were presented to the participants.

Last Updated At: 12/01/2022
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