The "Covid-19 Vaccine Awareness" event, organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing, in order to raise awareness of the Covid-19 vaccine among the students of the department was held on February 4, 2021 with the participation of Prof. Dr. Tanıl Kocagöz.

The event, held online to raise the awareness of Nursing Department students for up-to-date information about the Covid-19 vaccine, which was raised due to the pandemic experienced in our country and around the world, was held by the head of Nursing Department began with the opening speech of the Head of the Nursing department, Prof. Dr. Ükke Karabacak. . The head of the Department of Medical Microbiology of the School of medicine, Prof. Dr. Tanıl Kocagöz shared information and approaches about the covid-19 pandemic and vaccines the around the world, the event ended after question&answer session.

Last Updated At: 08/03/2021
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