Prof. Dr. Yeşim Işıl Ülman, from School of Medicine Department of History of Medicine and Ethics, attended the 13th Molecular Biology Weekend Symposium, organized by Boğaziçi University Molecular Biology and Genetics Club, on 23rd-24th February 2019. Prof. Dr. Ülman attended the symposium as a guest speaker.

Field experts from Ankara, Çanakkale 18th March, Middle East Technical, Koç, Sabancı, Boğaziçi, Acıbadem Universities and Dresden University of Technology contributed to the event with their talks. Prof. Dr. Ülman gave a talk titled “A Look at the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine from Ethical Principles Perspective” at the symposium, to which more than 350 undergraduate graduate students from a number of Turkish universities attended.

In her talk, Prof. Ülman approached to very fast development of artificial intelligence systems at the beginning of the 21st century from its use in the medical field; and noted and exempified the importance of the realization of the systems operations with values. Ülman emphasized the philosophical principals of research and reminded thet scientific developments were utilized under bad intentions in human history. She highlighted that artificial intelligence systems should be designed in a way that, apart from their innovative features, they should operate for humanity’s benefit with responsibility, transparency, respect to privacy, equality and without discriminating. The talk aroused great interest in audience and continued with many questions and interactive discussions.

Last Updated At: 29/03/2019
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