Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs Application and Research Center ACURARE joined European Joint Programme Rare Disease-(EJP RD) project call, announced by European Commission in “Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020” document under Personalised Medicine category.

319.000 euros will be transferred to Acıbadem University under this 5-year project that will begin in January 2019. Acıbadem University will take active role in genetic variant prioritization, development of analysis methods for identifying rare disease etiology and implementation of rare disease education programs.

Objectives of Rare Disease European Joint Programme

  • Develop a research and innovation line that provides healthcare for the benefits of patients and ensure swift translation of research activities to clinical settings.

  • Follow International Rare Diseases Research Consortium policies and contribute to its objectives

  • Integrate rare disease research by sharing, improving and presenting research and clinical data, materials, processes, know-how and information

  • Enhance the production, efficacy and social impact of rare disease research

  • Implement and develop a more effective model for providing financial support to rare disease research involving basic, clinical, epidemiologic, social, economic and healthcare services

Expected Impact of Rare Disease European Joint Programme

  • Improve lives of rare disease patients by providing new and optimised treatment options and diagnostic tools for these diseases.

  • Decrease fragmentation of rare diseases expertise and research resources.

  • Increase the EU's capacity to innovate in the field of rare diseases.

  • Improve healthcare systems' capacity to take up research results.

  • Reinforce the EU's role as a global leader for rare diseases.

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Last Updated At: 02/04/2019
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