ACUMEDAK, an ACU student club, had different events in February.

Basic Parasitology and Head Lice Scanning Training

The event took place on 11th February 2019. It aimed to inform prospective ACUMEDAK field volunteers on common parasites and their symptoms in humans.

The main topics of the training given by Prof. Dr. Özgür Kurt, from School of Medicine Department of Medical Microbiology, were common parasites and their anatomy, statistics from previous years’ Nepal Social Pediatrics Project, stool sampling, identification and sampling of head lice.

Prof. Dr. Özgür Kurt shared his experience on parasites and talked about protection methods.

Oyun Arkadaşım Charity Sale

Charity sale was organized on 14th February 2019 to fund materials for handmade toys as part of “Oyun Arkadaşım” project.

Charity sale was organized for the preparation of handmade toys for childrengoing to school in the rural regions of the country to provide them psychosocial support, as part of ACUMEDAK’s Nepal Project which will take place in July and August, and for seasonal agricultural workers’ children in Adana. ACUMEDAK aims to create more toys this year which a larger team. Toy materials like cloth, fiber, string and platic eye will be bought with the revenue and more than 400 handmade toys will be made.

Handwash and Hygiene Training for Trainers

Training aimed to share the curriculum of handwash training with trainer candidates active club members and took place on 13th February 2019.

Training covered clothing, transportation, communication with children, handwash and hygiene curriculum, communication with educators and capacity control. ACUMEDAK members improved themselves with rights-based activities with children, child safety, recognition of abuse in children an fragile groups trainings and discussed key points and some approaches for handwash and hygiene training that will take place on 15th February 2019. During the training, handwash curriculum and general coordination plan were reviewed. Questions and issues were discussed, issues were evaluated and solutions were presented.

Handwash and Hygiene Training

The training aimed to prevent children’s diseases through teaching children the correct handwash and hygiene practices. Training took place on 15th February 2019.

Questions like “When do we wash our hands?”, “Which one is first: soap or water?”, “What are the 4 important moves for correct handwashing?” were answered at the trainingwith 9 trainers and 353 children participants.

During the training for pre-school and first grade students, the participants washed their hands after trainers showed them how to wash hand correctly. During the activity, trainers used Glo-gel and UV flashlight. Trainers poured Glo-gel to children’s hands before sending them to the bathroom. Afterwards, children’s hands were checked with UV light to see if they could took the gel off. Trainers and students celebrated the access to correct handwash information with songs and dances. At the end of the day, ACUMEDAK reached out to 65 pre-school and 288 1st grade students.

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