ACU Cancer Research Workshop, which is the first of the workshops planned to increase multidisciplinary and translational research at Acıbadem University, to raise awareness about research infrastructure and human resources, to bring researchers in campus and hospitals together on the basis of their interests, was held online on March 6, 2021.

97 researchers from different fields of expertise participated in the workshop. Before the workshop, a video library was created to promote the work of departments / research groups conducting research in the field of cancer and to increase possible cooperation opportunities and shared with all participants. The Q&A session conducted over these videos during the workshop was very beneficial in terms of evaluating cooperation opportunities.

In the workshop, where the results of the ACU Cancer Research Preliminary Questionnaire, which were sent to the participants before the workshop to get their opinions and expectations, were also evaluated, group studies were carried out to define the processes for conducting qualified multidisciplinary research.

After reporting the group works carried out with very active and active participation in a total of 7 titles and sharing the workshop report with all participants, the process of transforming the workshop outputs into practice will be planned.

For the workshop program click here.

Last Updated At: 16/03/2021
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