Acıbadem University Biodesign Center started to produce "Face Protection Shields" with 3D printing in order to support healthcare professionals within the scope of the coronavirus pandemic. He started the project with the goal of making a design that can be printed faster, is less costly and easier to use.

The project led by Prof.Dr.Ata Akın who is the dean of Acıbadem University Engineering Faculty, The printing process was carried out by making a design arrangement that can be produced faster and used more easily by Assist Prof. Dr. Buğrahan Bayram from the department of Medical Engineering, Biodesign Center Designers Erdi Dirilen and Kutalp Kurt. The original design of the product belongs to Prusa Research. The products were tested by Acıbadem Healthcare Group healthcare professionals under the coordination of one of our faculty member Görkem Güngör,

To reach the updated STL file of the developed face protection shield click

To access the current guidelines for transparent shield cutting click

Last Updated At: 14/04/2020
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