Acıbadem University has raised the bar this year, with 100% occupancy rate in all faculties and the choice of students who were ranked among the first 178 success rankings in terms of numerical score with the Faculty of Medicine scholarship quota.

According to the Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS) 2020 Placement Results, Acıbadem University has a 100% occupancy rate in all faculties and 96.4% in Vocational Schools

This year, our Faculty of Medicine is the choice of the top 100 students.

The Faculty of Medicine scholarship quota has raised the bar this year as the choice of students in the first 178 numerical score ranking. The Faculty of Medicine is also in the first place among other universities in the ranking of 50% discounted quota success.

More than half of the students who have been placed at our university have chosen our university in the top 3 ranking.

We congratulate our students who joined us and wish them continued success.

Last Updated At: 01/09/2020
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