Organised by our School of Medicine, the Academic Enrichment Sessions host many speakers on different subjects in each month and April’s session was crammed as always.

Here are the speakers and their subjects for April:

4 April 2019 – “Rare and Undiagnosed Genetic Diseases” Prof. Uğur Özbek (Acıbadem University (ACU) School of Medicine (SoM) Head of Department of Medical Genetics)

11 April 2019 – “A Genetic Approach to Albinism” Assoc Prof. Özden Hatırnaz NG (ACU SoM Department of Medical Biology Faculty Member)

18 April 2019 – “Leishmaniasis in Turkey: Changing Parasites and Precautions to Take” Prof. Özgür Kurt (ACU SoM Department of Medical Microbiology Faculty Member)

25 April 2019 – “Introduction to Homeopathy, Medicine of the Future” Spec. Dr. Günnur Başar (Homeopathy Association)

Last Updated At: 30/04/2019
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