5th Medical Education Day, hosted by School of Medicine, took place between 16-17th November 2018. This year’s theme was “Medical Education in Field”.

Medical Education Days (MED) has been hosted by School of Medicine since 2011 and organized every 2 years, this year “Medical Education in Field” was the theme of the event. “Education in Small Groups”, “Clinical Education”, “Evaluation and Assessment” and “Program Evaluation” were some of the topics discussed in past MED meetings.

MED is an international meeting that aims to bring together medical educators and academic faculty and to perpetuate educator development. This year’s international guest was Prof. Dr. Amanda Howe from University of East Angla Medical School. With great competency in Family Medicine, Dr. Howe gave conference talk titled “How community oriented medical education can facilitate a population health perspective” and a workshop titled “Learning from people: How can we engage patients to help us training students and residents?”.

Throughout 2 days, trainers educators from various medical schools discussed and shared their experiences on medical education in field from different perspectives. Prof. Dr. İskender Sayek contributed to meeting with his talk titled “Socially Reliable Medical Education”, in addition, Assoc. Prof. Levent Altıntaş and Prof. Dr. Erol Gürpınar gave a workshop titled “Medical Education at work: What are we expecting?”. Lastly, ACU-TEÖK (Medical Education Student Commission) gave a workshop titled “Health Advocacy”.

In addition to international guests that attended the meeting to give educational talks and workshops, more than 500 medical educators, faculty and students from and outside of our institution attended MED until today. 82 participants attended this year’s meeting that lasted for one and a half days.

Last Updated At: 29/03/2019
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