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Engineering is fundamentally focused on the creation of technology which increases the quality of life. The aim of Acıbadem University Faculty of Engineering is to train engineers capable of developing innovative technology with the goal of increasing the quality of healthcare technology and services. Within this context, the mission of the Faculty of Engineering is to train contemporary engineers with the ability of analytical thinking, who question and who have a dedication to research. We aim for our engineers to be competitive on the national and international arena and who can resolve the problems faced by the society in which they live.

By prioritizing project-focused team work in conjunction with both clinicians and companies, we aim for our students to graduate armed with the knowledge and competence suited to the expectations of education and industry.

The educational curriculum offered at our Faculty is not limited to medical equipment, robotics, and medical data processing, but also includes biomechanics, biomaterials, tissue engineering, biosensors, neurotechnology, clinical and patient engineering.

The first students of the Medical Engineering Department started their studies in 2014, while the Medical Engineering post graduate program began in 2016.

The aim of these programs which overlap with health technologies is to train engineers with an analytical mind who can serve the needs of our country.

Ata AKIN, Ph.D., Prof.


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