1. Online Final Exams of Departments other than School of Medicine and Preparatory English Program will take place between June 8, 2020 at 08:00 – June 19, 2020 at 23:59.

Detailed information including the date and time on which the exams will be held can be view here. You can Access the information about the online exams via https://acibadem.almscloud.com/Account/LoginBefore on EYS/LMS (Learning Management System) by using your Student Information System (OBS) username and password.

2. Students must be enrolled in the course on EYS in order to take the exam. Students who failed with an “NA” grade due to absenteeism cannot take the online exam because they will not be included in the exam list, they also cannot upload their final grade substitute homework to the EYS.

3. In order to take the online exams via EYS, you need to login to the system via your personal computer / tablet / mobile phone with internet connection. If you wish, you will be able to take the online final exams between 8 June 2020 - 19 June 2020 at Kerem Aydınlar Campus. The application form is sent to students via e mail on 30 May 2020.

4. It is recommended that you use preferably Google Chrome if not Mozilla Firefox browsers, in order to avoid a browser-related problem during the exam. Make sure your browser is up to date before you start the exam. If you have a problem with the browser during the exam, you can refresh your page when still keeping pressed the “Ctrl” button on the keyboard by clicking “Reload this page” icon located near the address bar.

5. Having made an attempt to enter the exam system at least one day before entering your first exam will help you to identify the problems that may arise for entering and share them with the Education Technologies Unit beforehand.

6. Students will be able to see the exam and project / assignment deadlines in the activity of the related course on EYS.

7. After the exam activity has been created by the instructor on the EYS for the relevant course, the exam will appear in the My Upcoming Activities field. Before the ”exam start” time, you must enter into the system and be ready for the exam. At the time specified in the exam calendar, you must enter the course via EYS and click on the related exam activity. You can't take the exam before the starting time. When it's time to start, if the exam is still not active, you should refresh your page.

8. The number of questions for the exams, the duration of the exam etc. may vary. Please be sure to read the warning and information text before the exam. Your exam will start after you click the check box that you have read the text.

9. You can stay in the exam for the maximum period of the exam. Your remaining time will appear on the exam screen. After the exam period is completed, access to the exam is automatically closed.

10. The student can take each exam only once. After clicking on the ”finish exam" button or after the end of the exam, re-entry is not possible.

11. During the exam, only one question and the answer field for that question will be displayed on each page.

12. After a question is seen, if the answer is marked/typed or if the “next” button is clicked without being marked/typed, the next question appears and and you cannot return to the previous questions due to the safety of the exam.

13. The wrong answer of any question in the exam will not affect the right answer of another question.

14. You are required to be alone in the exam environment and to answer questions without any source of information or support from anyone. If required, the faculty member can request the student to confirm his / her credentials and that he / she is alone during the exam by video phone or other video platform.

15. The exams of the students who are determined not to comply with the exam rules by attempting to cheat in the exams, cheat with threats, take someone else to the exam for themselves or take the exam instead of someone else are deemed invalid. Disciplinary process is started within the scope of the Higher Education Institutions Student Discipline Regulations.

16. In case of internet connection/power failure or device failure during the exam, you can continue with the remaining exam time by re-entering the system until the end of the exam period. At this stage the exam period will be ongoing. It is student’s responsibility to take the necessary measures. The instructor of the related course can see the activities such as closing the screen, clicking end the exam button, etc. If the instructor needs this information, he / she can check it again after the exam.

17. The exam is completed when you receive a warning that the exam has been completed by clicking finish the exam button during any question or after completing all the questions. Even if you don’t click finish the exam button, an exam grade is formed according to the answers recorded when the exam period is completed.

18. All movements of users accessing the exam system (successful or unsuccessful entry attempts and reasons for the System, device information, IP information, transitions between pages/ questions, marked answers, etc.) are (log) recorded.

19. It is student’s responsibility to upload the activities such as homework, projects that will be the final and make-up exam grades to the EYS. Activities such as homework, projects which are found to be plagiarized by Turnitin program are deemed invalid and the process is initiated within the scope of the Student Discipline Regulation of Higher Education Institutions.

20. In accordance with the law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK), the original course materials and remote online exam questions and options prepared by the faculty members which are not covered by open access to the EYS will be considered as the personal data of the faculty members. In cases such as sharing original course materials in other media, storing the information about the exam in EYS, sharing the exam questions with third parties in other media, distributing the correct answers, the person/persons who have committed KVKK violation will be responsible. Legal proceedings will be initiated against those who commit this violation.

21. Students who do not take the exam between June 9, 2020 at 08:00 and June 19, 2020 at 23:59 will receive an FG grade, and no additional exams will be opened afterwards. These students have the right to take the make-up exams on the dates announced by the Rectorate.

22. Students will be able to see the exam results through the Student Information System (OBS).

23. In case of a problem with EYS, you should definitely indicate your student number and the code of the related course, and apply to egitim.teknolojileri@acibadem.edu.tr.

24. If you have technical problems during the exam, you can ask for support by typing the problem after clicking the report a problem button on the exam screen.

25. Click here to access the Online Final Exam Program.

Last Updated At: 30/05/2020
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