Dear Students,

As you all know, in accordance with the decision taken by Higher Education Council (YÖK), as of Monday, on March 23, 2020 asynchronous distance education was started for the theoretical courses of all associate, undergraduate, graduate programs and preparatory English program in our University. In addition to the asynchronous distance education currently being carried out, it is planned to offer synchronous distance education on Monday, 30.03.2020. Some departments will be offered synchronous distance education this week. You will be informed about the days and hours of the courses organized by faculty members in virtual classrooms and the expectations from you by the Dean’s Office/Directorates/ Heads of English Department/ Members of the Faculties which you are enrolled in. Please follow the information and announcements carefully. In this context;

1) Please read and follow the each courses’ materials uploaded weekly to EYS (LMS) for distance asynchronous education, until the end of the week or during the time intervals recommended by lecturers (for example, asking the student to read the synchronous course presentation before the course).

2) In order for you to follow the course materials more regularly, it is advised to lecturers that the materials used for that week in formal education should be shared with you on EYS. However, because of the differences in content and methods of some courses, different applications will be made by the course lecturer.

3) Lecturers are recommended to conduct their synchronous lessons on the day and time planned to be lectured in formal education, in order not to conflict with your other synchronous lessons. However, due to compulsory reasons or if there is no conflict with your other synchronous courses, synchronous lessons can be held on another day and time, provided that the instructor gives the course and the students are eligible within the same week. If the synchronous course does not take place within the week that should be done due to technical reasons, the instructor will inform the heads of academic unit and students, and set a new day and time for the course.

4) The lecturers will regularly track and report the reading / monitoring rates of the materials uploaded on EYS and your participation levels to the synchronous class. The level of participation in the synchronous and / or asynchronous activities that the instructor expects from you will be counted as the attendance and entered into the attendance section within OBS as in formal education.

Student User Manual of Virtual Class Application in LMS has been sent you via e mail. If you have any question or technical support request, you can contact with EYS Support Team (EDE) via email address. We wish you success in your lessons in the distance education process.


Last Updated At: 26/03/2020
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