Course registrations will start on February 16, 2021(13:00) – and will be made until February 26, 2021 (17:30) on address.


• Preparatory students do not have to make course registration.

• Students who do not register for courses during the course registration period will not be able to benefit from student rights as they will be seen as "passive" students in all public institutions and e-government system.

• Students who have financial disabilities during the course registration process are required to complete their financial transactions in order to register for courses.

• Undergraduate transfer, vertical transfer, Decree 667, double major and minor students will complete their course registration with the manual course registration form.

• After printing, filling and signing the manual course registration form, you can send it to your advisor lecturer. Add the address to the information section and send it by e-mail. The course registration forms sent to our unit after being approved by the advisor instructor will be processed by us in the student information system. You can follow your course registration status on OBS. For the manual course registration please click on

• Detailed information about the ACU 212 English Language Course for Erasmus II (ELCE) course is available in the Student Information System User Guide.

• For important explanations about the course while registrating a course you are required to click and read the explanations.

Course Registration Contact Information

You can send an e-mail about your questions and problems related to Course Registration by adding the address in cc, to the following email addresses.

For your questions and problems about the Financial Affairs Directorate, you can send an e-mail to address.

For your questions and problems about your e-mails with Bademnet and University extensions, you send an e-mail to address.

When forwarding your e-mail, you should explain the problem by writing your student number, first and last name and your department. Don't forget to include a screenshot which shows that you have a problem.

Student Affairs Office Email address and Intercom Numbers

School of Medicine:

**E-mail:** ,   4243, 4251

All Institutes:

**E-mail**                                  4248                        

Faculty Of Health Sciences:

**E-mail:**                                 4241                               

Faculty Of Science and Letters:

**E-mail:**                                   4245                        

Faculty Of Engineering:

**E-mail:**                                   4245                       

Faculty Of Pharmacy:

**E-mail:**                                    4245                    

Vocational School Of Health Services:

**E-mail:**                                     4246                               

Vocational School:

Last Updated At: 16/02/2021
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