30 OCTOBER 2019 – 18 NOVEMBER 2019

1 JANUARY 2020  – 31 MAY 2021


• Erasmus Student Mobility Application Form

• Transcript in English

• 1 Passport Photograph

Application Documents must be submitted to the International Office or Department Coordinators within application period. Total mobility quota for studies and traineeship is 24, quotas will distributed according to the budget within the faculties and departments.

Please note that applications with missing documents and those submitted after the deadline (18 November 2019) will not be accepted.


Cumulative GPA : %50

Foreign Language Proficiency Score : %50

A minimum 2.20/4.00 cumulative GPA for associate and undergraduates, a minimum 2.50/4.00 cumulative GPA for graduates

Must have minimum 60 ECTS per academic year, 30 ECTS per term and 20 ECTS per trimester (Only for study mobility applications.)

Applicants must take our university English Proficiency Test and obtain minimum B1 level. (Applicants who provide approved language test score, such as TOEFL are exempt from the proficiency exam.)

English Proficiency Exam Date: Written exam will be held on 20 November 2019 at 11.30 a.m. (Place will be announced) Applicants who have minimum B1 level score from written test, will have an interview on 21 November 2019.

Students are placed in accordance to total Erasmus+ points.

Martyr and War Veteran Children

: +15

Disadvantaged Students (The statement from a doctor or other relevant authority should be presented)

: +10

The students who are under protection in accordance with the Social Services law no. 2828

: +10

Previous Participation in the Erasmus+ program within current study level         

: -10

Withdraw after announced deadline

: -10

Participation in Erasmus+ program in the country of nationality

: -10

Dual Application for Studies and Traineeship Mobility (Students should state the first choice)

: -10

STUDENT MOBILITY FOR STUDIES: Bilateral agreement is compulsory for student mobility for studies. Mobility period must be minimum 90 days. Please check the website for bilateral agreements.

STUDENT MOBILITY FOR TRAINEESHIP: Bilateral agreement is not compulsory and/or necessary for student traineeship mobility. Student is responsible to find traineeship oneself. Mobility period must be minimum 60 days.

GRANTS: Grants are calculated according to the National Agency Handbook. Please check the table below. Students may take part in Erasmus+ Mobility as a “zero-grant” student. Same conditions apply to all students, whether or not receiving the Erasmus grant.

The students have the right to withdraw within 21 days after the result announcement.

Additional grants can be given to disabled students depending on their special needs.

First year students and graduates cannot benefit from this program.



Country Groups

Host Countries

Monthly Grant for Studies

Monthly Grant for            Traineeship

I. And II. Group Countries

Germany, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Finland, Cyprus, Holland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Sweden, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg



III. Group Countries

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia,  Latvia, Lithuanian, Hungary, Republic of Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey





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