Result Description
Result Description

Operating Rules at the Center

  • Before commencing work, the “service contract” from the Acıbadem University Laboratory Animal Application and Research Center must be read and signed by the Prıncıpal Investigator.
  • A reservation by e-mail or phone to the ACU-DEHAM Secretariat is required for the laboratory where work would like to be carried out.
  • Entries to ACU-DEHAM are controlled by authorized cards.. The cards of all the experiment team must be authorized before work is commenced. Sharing of authorized cards and their improper use are strictly prohibited.
  • When entering the center, the laboratory attire or single use disposable gowns and galoshes found in the changing rooms must be worn and then left at the changing rooms upon exit.
  • Researchers must carry out experiments in accordance with ethical guidelines and the approved projects.
  • Video and photography within the centre is strictly forbidden without the permission of the administration.
  • Instruments and equipment from one laboratory cannot be moved to another laboratory. When necessary, the veterinarian in charge must be informed.
  • The name of the researcher must be written on chemical materials and other materials to be stored in the refrigerator. If inflammable, volatile, flammable etc chemicals are to be used, the authorized personnel must be informed.
  • At the end of their daily work researchers must take all medical waste materials from cadavers or animals and place them in medical waste bags and place them in the freezers themselves, all other waste must be placed in household waste bins and they must clean the bench before leaving the laboratory.
  • Permission is required to use the fixtures of the Center and a delivery form must be completed.
  • Eating, drinking, talking loudly, smoking, listening to loud music within the center is strictly forbidden for animal welfare and to maintain appropriate experimental conditions.
  • When required or in any extraordinary situation, researchers should contact the veterinarian in charge or other personnel.
  • When the research conducted at the Center are published or presented, it must be stated that the laboratory animals were procured from ACU-DEHAM and / or that the laboratory work was conducted at ACU-DEHAM and a copy must be sent to the Center.
  • Any researchers who wish to conduct research at ACU-DEHAM must conform with all the articles listed above.

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